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What Is An Air Integrated Dive Computer?

October 20, 2016

The 3 Types Of Dive Computers There are three variations of the dive computers: wrist, console, and air integrated.   If you are an avid diver, chances are you’ve run into all three at one point or another, but depending on your budget, and whether you have rented or bought diving equipment for a dive, […]

How Do Dive Computers Work?

October 16, 2016

To be an exceptional diver, commercial divers must be prepared and have a plan when they submerge, in order to get their tasks completed responsibly, without jeopardizing their safety.  Divers can work in many job fields, such as welding, repairing ships, construction, and various kinds of inspection.  Other divers even specialize in photography and exploratory studies […]

The History Of Underwater Cameras

September 27, 2016

An underwater camera history lesson… William Thompson, from England,  took the first underwater photograph back in 1856 in Weymouth Bay.  He built a metal box to house the camera and mounted it on a pole.  It was lowered over the side of his boat on this pole down 18 feet to the sea floor below.  […]