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8 Fun Things To Do In Port Dover, Ontario!

If you’ve never been, Port Dover is a beachside town located in Southwestern Ontario, along the top of Lake Erie.  In addition to being a cute little vacation spot most of the time, Port Dover is also home to “the biggest single-day motorcycle event in the world”, called Friday the 13th.  When this event takes […]

Finding The Best Snorkeling In Maui For Families

September 21, 2016

Maui is such a beautiful ocean paradise, located about 1,000+ miles from the mainland, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.  Quick trivia: the Pacific Ocean is the deepest ocean on earth, averaging around 15,000 feet deep!  This great depth lends itself to highlighting the beauty that is the coral reef near Maui.  With healthy coral reef surrounding Maui, […]

Cut Loose with Class on Folly Beach in Charleston, South Carolina

August 11, 2016

Charleston is one of America’s true gem cities.  Known as the “Edge of America” for its easternmost protrusion into the Atlantic, Charleston is full of rich history, gorgeous architecture, and award-winning southern and world cuisine. Most people think of it as quintessential Old South, with its long history of plantation owners, business high-rollers, and lavish […]