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Puerto Vallarta Mexico – Past, Present, and Future

March 27, 2018

Early History Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican destination at the bottom of the Sierra Madre mountains at the mouth of the Ameca River, in the palm of Banderas Bay, on the Pacific Ocean, north of Acapulco.  Archaeological evidence suggests that people have been living in this area since 580 B.C.  The Sierra Madre mountains offered silver mines, […]

The Best, Nicest, and Most Beautiful Beaches In Costa Rica

With its thick jungles, volcanoes, tiny towns, and endless beaches, Costa Rica has a truly remarkable landscape. Home to some of the most lush and colourful jungles in the world, Costa Rica is perhaps most famously known for its pristine beaches located on both coastlines. Straddling both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the […]

7 Things You Must Experience in Mexico City

April 29, 2017

In recent years, Mexico City has become a playground for expats and tourists alike. With it’s colourful architecture, late night parties, tasty street food, and cheap prices, it is no wonder tourists are flocking to the city. While some areas of the city are not yet safe for foreigners, the majority of the central neighbourhoods […]

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