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How To Say Shark In 45 Different Languages

Afrikaans  : haai (af) German  : Hai (of) male , Haifisch (of) male English  : shark (en) Arabic  : قرش (ar) ( qirš ) Araki  : p̈aheu (*) , Pahe (*) Armenian  : շնաձուկ (hy) ( šnadzuk ) Basque  : marrazo (eu) Bulgarian  : акула (bg) ( akula ) Catalan  : Tauró (AC) Chinese  : […]

Blue Dragon Sea Slugs – Cute But Deadly

“You bite it, you die – it’s poisonous. It bites you, you die – it’s venomous.” Do you believe in dragons?..Well, you better, because this beautiful creature is for real, and just as dangerous as the fictional dragons in those storybooks you read as a kid, only…smaller and swimming in the ocean. The Blue Dragon […]

Dolphin Rape Cave – More Than A Myth?

To some of you, this story will come as quite a shock, and rather horrifying, while others might think this is just another bunch of internet hoopla.  Some of you may have even already heard this, and are yawning, saying, “Oh, here we go with that old dolphin rape cave story again…” In any case, […]

What Eats A Sea Turtle?

Sea turtles have been around our planet for 150 million years, since the Jurassic period.  There are seven different types of sea turtle: loggerhead, green, hawksbill, flatback, leatherback, olive ridley, and Kemp’s ridley.  They are found in all the world’s oceans, save the polar regions.  Here’s a quick but informative video about what sea turtles […]