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The Best, Nicest, and Most Beautiful Beaches In Costa Rica

With its thick jungles, volcanoes, tiny towns, and endless beaches, Costa Rica has a truly remarkable landscape. Home to some of the most lush and colourful jungles in the world, Costa Rica is perhaps most famously known for its pristine beaches located on both coastlines. Straddling both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the […]

Basic Surfing Tips – What Is Duck Diving?

September 21, 2016

Dedicated surfers can spend hours on end in the ocean, enjoying the thrill of riding the waves, but it can get tiring.  With surfing, a lot of energy is expended over a day long surf session, particularly with all of the paddling a surfer does, to catch wave after glorious wave.  When paddling out, it is much easier to […]

Cold Water Surfing – What Is It And Why The Hell Would Anyone Do It?

What the hell is cold water surfing?  You mean surfers surf in the winter when the water is freezing cold?  Yup!  That is exactly what they do.  Watch this video and imagine yourself trying this.   Generally speaking, surfers are kind of like the ultimate athlete in the wide world of sports.  They are thrilled when […]

What Is Kite Surfing?

Kite surfing is a surface water sport, as opposed to parasailing where you are actually airborne, and sailing through the skies.  With kite surfing, you are basically surfing with the help of a kite.  The surfer stands on a small board and holds on to a harness which is attached to the kite. It will […]