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Finding The Best Snorkeling In Maui For Families

September 21, 2016

Maui is such a beautiful ocean paradise, located about 1,000+ miles from the mainland, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.  Quick trivia: the Pacific Ocean is the deepest ocean on earth, averaging around 15,000 feet deep!  This great depth lends itself to highlighting the beauty that is the coral reef near Maui.  With healthy coral reef surrounding Maui, […]

The Best Snorkeling Spots In Turkey

September 9, 2016

Beach Baby has dusted off their passport once more.  This time to take to the skies to visit Turkey, in the hope for some snorkeling activity.  But where should you head to, in order to experience the best snorkeling spots in Turkey? FETHIYE Fethiye may already be well known to you, if you are a fan of […]