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Great Kiskadee Facts

Range The Great Kiskadee ranges from southern Texas down along the coasts of Mexico into other central American countries, and as far as Argentina. Habitat The Great Kiskadee loves to be near water like rivers, streams, lakes, and the ocean.  It prefers a dense environment, though you might spot one out in the open spaces like a […]

Why You Shouldn’t Feed The Birds At The Beach

It’s summer, the sun is shining and the birds are singing…well actually, they are doing more than just singing.   Chances are, that if you are eating at the beach, there is a cheeky gull edging into view, angling after your leftover sarnie. And so you flick it at the feathered beggar, probably laughing.  After all, why […]

Shore Birds

AMERICAN AVOCET Migratory birds who favor Californian winters, tend to prefer salty waters over fresh, and therefore shores and beaches are a good place to spot them over summer. Although, like all birds they are vulnerable to climate change, this species seems stable for the moment. They are often seen in groups, waving their heads […]