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Sea Birds

So whilst you’re ambling across the sands and mudflats this spring and summer, what should you possibly be keeping an eye open for? The great thing about birds and sea birds in particular is that you never know what is going to breeze in next…(Read More)

Shore Birds

AMERICAN AVOCET Migratory birds who favor Californian winters, tend to prefer salty waters over fresh, and therefore shores and beaches are a good place to spot them over summer. Although, like all birds they are vulnerable to climate change, this species seems stable for the moment. They are often seen in groups, waving their heads […]

Frigatebird FAQ

To start with, here are some interesting facts about the frigatebird… Seasonal monogamous Frigatebird family of birds is called Fregatidae Nests colonially pelagic piscivores (obtain most food on the wing) Christopher Columbus in 1492 called them “forktails” Stays in the air up for 12 days without landing Rides the air thermals Can live 45+ years French sailors […]

Brown Pelican – Dive Bomb Expert

Brown pelicans are sea birds that are famous for their distinct appearance, and their amazing plunge diving skills. This smaller member of the Pelican family can be found on the east coast of the Americas, from Nova Scotia to the mouth of the Amazon River, and on the west coast, from British Columbia down to […]

Sea Gulls – Nature’s Boldest Bird?

SOME GENERAL FACTS ABOUT GULLS Generally considered monogamous, they usually stay with the same partner season after season Separation does occur sometimes, though, known as a divorce, usually occurring because of lack of success with breeding Breeding does not usually occur until the fourth year of life Same-sex couples do exist within gulls, usually between […]