Caribbean Jewels – The Secret Beaches Of Haiti



When people say the word “paradise”, they may well have been picturing some of the beaches that you’ll find in tropical Haiti. 

Floating like a beautiful mirage in the Carribean ocean sits Haiti, which has been blessed with many bountiful and beautiful sun-kissed beaches, which look so picturesque you might think they can’t even be real. 

In fact, until you actually find some of these beaches, you may just assume they aren’t there. That is, until you get there. 

haiti best beaches top 5
©Matilda Diamant via Flickr

With their vast stretches of golden sand, crystalline waters, palm trees, and decidedly attractive tourists who visit there regularly, Haiti is one of the best, although perhaps, underrated beach destinations in the world. 

Indeed, some of their beaches are so underrated, that very few people have been there.  Not all, but some.

Whether you are a fan of snorkelling, or simply people watching with a tasty cocktail in hand, you are bound to want to buy a ticket, sooner than later, to visit one of these pristine Haitian beaches. 

Here are our Top 5 Beaches In Haiti!  In no particular order…

#1 – Port-Salut

port salut haiti beach
©pa ols via Flickr

Before we send you off to the middle of nowhere, you might want to start your Haitian beach tour with one of the more well-visited beach destinations.

Popular among locals and tourists alike, Port-Salut is a town ensconced by dreamy beaches.  While some claim this town to be a “major” tourist attraction, others say it is a quiet coastal community, and a great place to get away from it all. 

You can definitely kick back and relax in Port-Salut, but there is plenty of entertainment and local restaurants, not to mention boutiques, and other local businesses which are there, and can keep you busy. 

Depending on how long you want your getaway to be, Port-Salut can accommodate you for days or weeks.

But, keep in mind, that while it is beautiful, it is still just a small beachfront town, and if you’re looking for bigger excitement aside from glorious sunsets and true blue waters, then Port-Salut may just be a brief stop, on an even longer journey through Haiti.

Recommended Lodging: Dan’s Creek in Port-Salut

#2 – Ils-a-Rat Beach

ils a rat beach haiti

If you visited Port-Salut, and said to yourself “That was a nice little getaway!”  Well, maybe you need a getaway from your getaway, which might take you in the direction of Ils-a-Rat Beach. 

Now, this Haitian beach is what you would call secluded, and perhaps the term “secret” even applies here! 

No larger than an average city block, this is an island which is known for its diving and snorkelling, with breathtaking coral reefs visible from the beach. 

The beach itself is worth mentioning, too, as the sand is a white-ish gold. 

Just standing on this beach is worth your time, but if you want to explore the island itself, it won’t take long. 

Packed with rich vegetation near its middle, this tropical island was found one day back in the past, when Christopher Columbus accidentally bumped into it, during his travels.

#3 – Labadee

labadee haiti

Labadee is a not-so-secret island, where you get around by tram, and, unlike the some of the smaller destinations in Haiti, Labadee is replete with stuff to do. 

When you arrive at the port, most likely by the large cruise liner company who owns the island (Royal Caribbean), you will see a welcome sign, and then you will notice another sign, and it will give you some options right off the bat, for how you can occupy your time. 

Here’s a short list of some of the places you can visit on this beautiful Haitian island: Adrenaline Beach, Town Square, Adventure Tours, Dragon’s Tail Coaster, to name but a few! 

labadee map things to do haiti

The word is, that this beach resort is the best of them all in Haiti, and a perfect place to take a vacation. 

Very much like a tropical theme park, you can shop, you can hang out at the beach, you can explore, or just relax. 

Labadee can accommodate you! 

Or, you can also take a little trip over the water via the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line, which is the longest zipline going over water, in the whole world!

#4 – Kokoye Beach

kokoye beach haiti

After all the crazy antics you get up to in a place like Ladabee, you may again be ready to be spirited away to a beach that is more low key and off the beaten track. 

Such a beach would be Kokoye Beach, which is another picturesque garden of delights for beach lovers. 

With calm, cool waters, and soft flat sands to tread upon, to get to Kokoye Beach, you will need to make a bit of a trip through some thick vegetation in order to reach it. 

Once you’ve arrived, the beach is there in all its tropical splendour, surrounded by palm trees, and blue skies. 

Kokoye is the kind of place that a painter might paint, if someone said “Quick, paint what you imagine would be a Caribbean paradise…go!”

Kokoye is especially popular among locals, who go there to gaze out to the sea, where the bottom is clearly visible due to the immaculate waters.

#5 – Gelee Beach

One word: cows. Yes, this is a beach where you can see both divine sunsets, and cows, depending which way you look. 

gelee beach haiti cow

Gelee Beach distinguishes itself on our list here, by being what one might refer to as “pastoral”, full of wide open spaces, and surrounded by majestic mountains in the distance.  

Walk around a bit, and you will come across lopsided churches, colourful buildings, cactuses, animals, and of course the local human population.

gelee beach southern haiti

You will have a hard time not breathing the fresh air here, and feeling an overwhelming sense of freedom and relaxation, because this beach in the south of Haiti, will make you want to take a leisurely barefooted stroll by the water

And then, follow it up with some great dining experience, such as the local lobster, which is to die for, served up fresh at one of the many local restaurants in the area. 

Great restaurants + beautiful beach = Caribbean paradise!

About the author: Patrick has the record of travelling the most out of everyone, visiting over 30 countries around the world in 15 years, and sleeping in the most tents with the least amount of blankets and cushions.  He can literally sleep anywhere! A few countries Patrick has lived in include India, Mexico, Tanzania, and Morocco, and currently he lives in Peru.