BPS Gator Skimboard Review

Whether you are a skim boarder, who is just starting out, or a total pro, you don’t want to be carrying around  a board that is cheap and flimsy.  Especially if you are a beginner, you need to learn the tricky art of skim boarding, with something that is dependable.  You know if you get one of those $20 flea market boards, that’s only going to end one way, and that’s with sand all over your body!  

That’s why we wanted to talk today about a board called the GATOR, by BPS.  We came across this reasonably priced skimboard, that is great for the beginner, right on up to the experienced boarder.

What Makes The BPS GATOR So Great?

The plywood used in the construction of these GATOR skimmers is extremely durable, with a high gloss epoxy coating to stop water damage and breakage.  These BPS GATOR boards have a generous nose, which is the curvature at the tip, to make the board more aerodynamic. 

The coloured boards come with a “Gator Grip”, a layer of EVA foam, to assist the rider and improve balance, especially in very wet circumstances, and this sport can get very wet.  No wax required!

Great All-Rounder


The light weight and easy-to-carry characteristics of these boards are important to the young boarders of today.  The boards can be hauled around without much effort, and they are surprisingly light weight.  You will feel like an athlete with one of these at your side.  The high quality construction and attractive appearance make the parents and the kids happy.  The parents want their kids safe, and the kids want to be “cool”.

This durable skimboard is affordable and comfortable at est. $30.  The warranty and service by the company is consumer focused.  There is a 12 month full replacement guarantee.  You should even receive a personal call from the retailer.  They will be checking in with you to see if you received the board on time, and in perfect condition.  How is that for service?

Size Matters

Consider the rider’s weight and buy a 30” board for 100 pounds or less, and a 35” board if you are between 100 and 150 pounds.  The big 40” board is for all you heavy weights over 150 pounds.  One customer recommends that you purchase the biggest one they have.  People grow!

Overall, our research has shown that the majority of boarders do not regret their purchase of the BPS GATOR Skimboard.  Grab yourself one of these boards, in one of several cool colors, and go have yourself a good time out in the surf.  Try not to do any face plants!


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