Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER Metal Detector Review



Coming in at #4 on our Top Five Best Metal Detectors Review is the Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER, which we were eager to talk to you about today.

Presenting itself as an upgrade on the original bounty hunter model that we covered at #5, this model serves as the perfect metal detector for the hobbyist that has already gained some field experience, and is ready to take their game to an entirely different level.  

As with its predecessor, there are a wealth of features and tools on this bad boy that make it one of the must-have metal detectors on the market currently.  

We’ll do our best to cover all aspects of the metal detector in this article, so that you have a better idea of what you’re purchasing .

Feature Pick

Bounty Hunter Timeranger Metal Detector With Carry Bag, Pinpointer, Headphones And Travel Kit


Aesthetically, this is definitely a device that you won’t regret picking up.  Similar to its predecessor, it has an all-black coating which is both inconspicuous and professional at the same time… something we love!  It also looks as though the metal detector is built for comfort, and fairly lightweight, allowing for all sorts of users to enjoy it without trouble.  In addition, the screen for the user interface does not look too difficult to understand, which is another major plus.  We also really like the fact that it is designed like a typical metal detector as well, and that the circular base appears large enough to pick up a multitude of items.

bounty hunter time ranger close up


This is the most extensive category for the Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER and one that we’re excited to cover.

Sniff Mode – As you probably guessed, this device comes with a wealth of features designed to enhance one’s ability to parse through unwanted modes.  If you did, then you were correct and ‘sniff mode’ is no exception.  Sniff mode automatically parses through all of the unwanted materials such as trash, and other valueless debris. Often times, picking this up can be the biggest drag in the entire metal detecting process for hobbyists.

Discrimination by Metal Type – Fortunately, this device is advanced enough in technology that it is able to decipher various metals by the type of wave signals that it will give back to the metal detector.  Therefore, there are features on the device that allow you to discriminate by metal type, so that you will only receive the desired results back when you are ‘pinged’ by your metal detector.  This is a huge bonus for any hobbyist out there looking for specific items.

Ground Balance – As mentioned about its predecessor, the ground balance feature for the Bounty Hunter is a huge plus.  The reason why the ground balance feature is so important is because it allows you to search through various types of terrain without problems.  One of the issues that lesser metal detectors often run into, is the fact that some types of terrain with various minerals located within the surface can actually impede the metal detectors’ ability to detect the types of items that would be the subject of the hobbyist’s investigation.  However, with the ground balance mode, this problem is thus eliminated, so you won’t have to worry about going through that annoying and frustrating issue!

Waterproof Search Coil – This is huge for any hobbyist, as it now allows you to do some investigation into shallow waters.  Also, if you happen to be outside using this metal detector while experiencing inclement weather, the waterproof search coil will prove to be a very useful addition as well.  Not only does this help to protect the overall metal detector, but it also ensures that water will not unduly impact the accuracy of the device’s detecting capabilities in an adverse manner.

Detection Capabilities – The detection capabilities of this device are absolutely out of this world!  The device is able to detect nearly any type of metal that has been found by scientists at present date.  It does this by using pre-programmed conductivity ratings for each type of metal.  This is also the mechanism that allows the metal detector to discriminate effectively between various metals as well.

Depth – This is one of the biggest enhancements for the Time Ranger when comparing it to its predecessor.  This metal detector possesses the ability to look almost an entire foot into the ground, depth-wise.  This is a huge plus because it ensures that you’ll be able to locate a very broad range of items at the beach, when you finally take this bad boy out for a spin!

timeranger bounty hunter metal detector


In conclusion, this is the perfect metal detector for someone that already has some level of experience in ‘metal detecting’,and wishes to take their hobby to an entirely different level.  As we mentioned before, the presence of various modes of detection, as well as discriminatory features, nearly guarantees that this device will operate exactly in the way that the owner wishes.

It’s ability to detect various types of metals with a high level of accuracy, and at a greater depth than its predecessor, is also something that ensures the owner of this device, that they will be very successful in their endeavors in the future when using this metal detector.

Watch this extra review video of the Bounty Hunter TIMERANGER to get up close and personal with this device.


About the author: Sandor is a former stock broker and current tour guide and treasure hunter, travelling far and wide seeking buried treasure.  He has found some very interesting artifacts in his searches.  He is also an avid bird watcher and is an advocate for rare and endangered birds.