Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector Review



Coming in at #3 on our list of the Top Five Best Metal Detectors on the Market in 2020 is the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro.  

You might be thinking,”Wow, another Bounty Hunter model?”  However, if you remember how excellent the other models were, then you’ll be extremely pleased with this final upgrade that we included on our list.  

For all those that are fans of metal detecting, have gained decent experience with the hobby already, and are ready to take their game to an entirely new level, then the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro may just be the perfect device for you.

Feature Pick

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector


Aesthetically, it wins – just like its predecessors.  It has an all-black finish, which comes off as very sleek and professional at the same time.  The base of the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro appears to be slightly larger than the base on the other models.  It also is shaped differently as well, with more of a flattening out of the sides of the circular shape.

The interface itself appears to be a little more complicated than on previous models, however, for those with metal detecting experience already, this shouldn’t be a problem.  The digital reader also has a red covering on it, which is a nice accent to the all-black color scheme that the metal detector has.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro display


There are so many features on this device, that we may even have trouble speaking about them all.  However, like the former models of Bounty Hunter, it definitely does not disappoint in this category and each feature is designed to greatly enhance the experience of the hobbyist using this metal detector.  Without further ado, here are some of our favorite features on the device below:

Pinpoint Mode – This is one of the fancier of the new features that is included on the metal detector and also a reflection of some of the latest and greatest in metal detector technology.  What the pinpoint mode does, in a nutshell, is help you to actually ‘pinpoint’ where your target is located.  This is very useful if you don’t want to find yourself digging in the ‘general area’ of where your metal detector has located a target.  Not only is this a very efficient and time-saving feature on the metal detector, but it also ensures that you do not do unnecessary damage to the terrain that you’re on, if that is a concern at all.

Several Preset Modes – This feature means that there are several modes that are already programmed into the metal detector itself, to help you on your quest for various items.  This is extremely useful if you’re not someone with enough experience using metal detectors to program your own modes by yourself, and would like  assistance from the ‘professionals,’ and manufacturers behind the device.

All-Metal Mode – As mentioned before in our first model of the bounty hunter, the all metal mode is very useful if you’re looking to search specifically for metals and nothing else.

Tonal Modes – This is another facet of the device that makes it easier for you to find specific metals.  As mentioned before, the tonal modes on the device are designed for metal detecting hobbyists to be able to find a specific type of item, based on the frequency that is selected for the metal detector.  This uses an advanced technology that is predicated primarily on the ‘tones’ that the device receives.

LCD Display – This is one of the greatest features on the entire device, and this is no exaggeration.  The LCD display pretty much revolutionizes the game for all those that use metal detectors, and with good reason.  With the LCD display, you’re able to get a better visual of what you’ve just found before you even dig it up!  This revolutionary feature that has been added to the Land Ranger Pro, is something that will guarantee that you do not waste unnecessary time as you continue your quest to search for artifacts and precious metals.  This, coupled with the fact that the LCD monitor on the device can be used to discriminate specific metals, makes it a must-have for any hobbyist that is serious about their metal detecting journeys.

land ranger pro


In conclusion, this is one of the top of the line metal detectors, and we’d strongly recommend that anyone who’s actually serious about the whole process of metal detecting go out and get it as soon as possible.

There are several features on the device that just make it one of those metal detectors that you can’t pass up on. The fact that it has pinpointing technology, coupled with a level of accuracy and detection ability that is almost unrivaled in the industry, is something that has us on our feet for this device.

Also, as mentioned before, the integration of the LCD Display technology with a preset technology that allows for the display of target items before one digs them up is a huge bonus that comes with this metal detector that, quite frankly, you just won’t find on most other models out there on the market today. This is something that will not only save the amateur and professional hobbyist alike an overwhelming amount of time, it also guarantees that you’ll have more entertaining and fulfilling fun with this device as well.


About the author: Sandor is a former stock broker and current tour guide and treasure hunter, travelling far and wide seeking buried treasure.  He has found some very interesting artifacts in his searches.  He is also an avid bird watcher and is an advocate for rare and endangered birds.