Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer Review

Today we are reviewing the Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer. This device has a number of applications, and is generally considered to be popular among purchasers.

Bosch cookie paddles

Read further to learn more about it, and our opinion on it.  First, here are some quick stats on the machine.

  • Price: Around $350+ USD
  • Company: Bosch
  • Manufacturer: L’Chef LLC
  • Color:  White
  • Shipping:  free in USA
  • Material:  plastic
  • Wattage:  800
  • Volume: 6.5 quarts
  • Dimension:  12x11x15 inches
  • Weight:  12.3 pounds
  • Model #:  MUM6N10UC
  • Rating: 4.5/5

100 Years in The Business

Robert Bosch age 27
Robert Bosch age 27 German precision engineer

We at BeachBaby always go to the next level when reviewing a product for our consumer friends.  The Bosch company founded in 1886, by Robert Bosch, has been about durability, innovation, social justice from the beginning.  Robert was very political and all about fairness.

We like this statement that Robert Bosch made in 1931 … “Never forget your humanity, and respect human dignity in your dealings with others.”

That tells us that if you have a problem with this product, you will be treated fairly by Bosch and they will probably give you your money back.  They have evolved from cars to blenders over 100 years in the business.

MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer – Features

Bosch takes food preparation to a whole new level. The Bosch kitchen mixer has the motor below the bowl and out of the way.

The machine is compact, lightweight, and what you will really like for sure is that you can see inside the bowl what you are mixing without any problem.

The dual wire whips spin independently with triple action. You can even whip one egg white if you wish with lots of aeration taking place.

Other whipping machines might have trouble with 1 egg white. If you love those whipped mashed potatoes, this machine will be heaven for you. It will even shred hot cooked meats in seconds.

The heavy-duty dough hook mimics your hands kneading to stretch, tuck, and fold the dough for maximum gluten development.

The dough is kneaded up to 100% every 4 rotations around the bowl. The dough hook will knead up to 14 1-pound loaves, with either white or whole grain flour.

The powerful transmission delivers adequate torque to knead light or heavy loads without overheating. The hook with mix up to 34 dozen cookie batter.

The four suction feet grip the mixer to your counter with optimal stability.  There are 4 speeds to choose from and yes there is “pulse”.  The cord is conveniently stored.

The 6.5-quart bowl locks in place and has a removable drive shaft for easy cleaning.   All the parts are dishwasher safe, except for the dough hook.  Wash that by hand.

More accessories and attachments are available to purchase separately.

You might want to add a blender, a meat grinder, a citrus juicer, cookie paddles, cake paddles, a bowl scraper, a food processor, a slicer/shredder, a pasta maker, and more. Bosch has been busy making your food easy and better to prepare.

Note:  This model (MUM6N10) does not include the blender. Inside the product box, there is an empty space for a blender, intended for models that are sold with a blender (MUM6N11). The manual for both models includes blender images and instructions, even though a blender is not included with this model.

Feature Pick

Bosch Mum6N10Uc Universal Plus Stand Mixer, 800 Watt, 65-Quarts

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What do the customers say …

Julia says … “I have the new model with the suction feet. The bosch never moves, I love it. I only use whole wheat flour for my breads and cakes. I have a granite counter top. I don’t know if this makes a difference, but the granite seems to be kind of a slick material. I’ve had a 650 watt kitchenaid…and the bosch is by far the best!!!! Will never go back. “

William says … “My Bosch mixer is wonderful on mixing cake batters, angelfood cakes, etc. The way the beaters work, it takes less time than other mixers, and the batter comes out more light and fluffy. I love, love love my Bosch, and am so glad I have it. I can also make two loaves of bread and have it ready to place in the pans, in less than ten minutes. You should really buy one, you will not be sorry V. Anderson “

Heidi says … “I don’t have the “dough hook”, but have the standard hook and the whips. To make dough, you can use the regular hook. It depends, too, on what kind of bread–do you mean yeast bread or quick bread? Using the whips for small volumes doesn’t work well, and I assume you’d use them for quick bread. If you are doing a yeast bread, you should be fine. Again, this also relates to how large your loaf will be. I never make a loaf of bread that is under 1.5#–only because I personally don’t think it is worth my time. So maybe if you mean those little 3/4# loaves, you may run into more problems. Why not just make about 3# worth of dough, then bake the loaves, and double bag the one you aren’t using right now and freeze it? You have only one time to clean up after two loaves of bread then, too.”

BeachBabyBob says … “I have had mine for years.  It has never given me any problems.  I usually only use it to make cakes and it does a great job mixing things together.  It is powerful!  It is easy to clean!  It is very well made!  It is easy to clean!  It is easy to use.  (I am ready to challenge Lolita, at the La Cruz Sunday market in Mexico.)

Mrs. Joy says … “I only have one real complaint otherwise I would rate it 4/5.  I can’t use hot liquids in the mixer due to all of the plastic. If you’re making a  meringue that require a hot simple syrup, this won’t work. Oh, and the cookie paddles are plastic too!  Not a fan of plastic!!

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