maui swimsuit bold patterns and prints

Bikini and Swimwear Trends 2016

As always, as each year’s summer season rolls by, a new swimwear trend rises to the surface.

In 2015, we noticed experimenting with 3D prints, longline bikini tops, and sheer pieces were in season.  

However, 2016 has been the year of embracing a large array of body types, and romanticizing previous trends whilst adding a simplistic twist.  The swimwear of this season caters to an assortment of silhouettes, prints and textures.  

The Resurrection of “Boho”

The bohemian fashion trend has without a doubt been a prevalent part of the fashion industry’s history, seeing that it was sported by iconic figures such as Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.

blue boho bathing suit for women

It now has been revived in a variety of ways through prints like paisley, floral, tie dye and suzani on the hottest swimwear ensembles.

Bold Patterns and Prints

Printed pieces are timeless as are any fashionista’s secret weapon when trying to liven up a piece. An example of a timeless print that still remain iconic in 2016 are stripes, but with a twist.

This season calls for a bizarre assortment of stripes, the most popular including multi- toned and thick stripes.

A bold pattern that has also taken 2016 by storm is the “Hawaiian” trend. This season’s infatuation with the tropics have also invaded the swimwear industry, and is now a summer must have.

maui swimsuit bold patterns and prints

The trend includes bright splashes of colors, particularly vibrant pinks, blues and greens.

And realistic and abstract floral prints can also be associated with the Hawaiian trend, and as always, tropical prints that include palm trees are this season’s must haves.

The Comeback Of The Modern One Piece

Many of the trends listed can be considered very audacious, but with this timeless trend, you can be subtle while still achieving a statement.

2016 has been the year of the one piece, seeing that it has been adorned and worn by some of the most influential fashion figures of our time including Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Taylor Marie Hill and Taylor Swift.

high hip low cut back one piece bathingsuite

If you love your legs and dare to be courageous, purchase an instyle high hip two piece to not only show off your hips and curves, but to also elongate your legs.

Low Cut Backs

Whoever said one piece’s were boring was wrong and the 2016 trend of the low cut back testifies this statement.

low cut backs swimsuit 2016

The low, cut back cleavage trend is one for those daring enough to spice up their one piece, whilst creating a sexy and visually appealing display.

This Bathing Suit Trend Is Off The Hook… Or Should I Say Shoulders

This is a continuation of a highly renowned and appraised trend that was brought to life in 2015….. the off the shoulders trend. Debuted in an overwhelming amount of 2016 swimwear fashion shows, this simple look has been personalized by small detailings like ruffles and zippers.

off the shoulder top

Bib Tops

Before you jump to any conclusions based on the name, the new bib top swimwear trend is not only highly appraised, it can still achieve a “mature” look, and can be catered to an astronomical variety of body types. It is infamous for being simplistic, but can also be a statement piece.

bib bikini top

When buying bib swimwear tops, to liven up the piece, purchase one with bold prints such as the maui print and patterns like stripes.


Say hello to awkward and dysfunctional bikini tans that we are all so fond of because 2016 has taken the cutout trend by storm.  Many designers this year have personalized, and idealized simplistic muted pieces by adding paneling, and/or cut outs.

swimsuit paneling

Paneling is most often seen vertically done on the centre piece of a swimwear top using lace or strings. Vertical paneling is also commonly seen on the sides of chunky bikini bottoms, adding more of a sexy edge to drama- free pieces.

cutout paneling swimsuit

Cutouts however can be very randomly placed on pieces to say the least. Some cutouts can be found on one pieces, creating geometric illusions in the fabric. The pageant sash- style has also been brought to life on some one – pieces, through the use of cutouts… Peek – a – boo!


As mentioned previously, the bohemian style is simply timeless, and has given the term revival a whole new meaning in the year of 2016.

However, crochet tops have been given a complete makeover this year, and can be found on some of this years hottest pieces.

crochet bathing suits

Debuted on the main stage of Tommy Hilfiger by supermodel Gigi Hadid, the crochet trend has been appearing on many pieces. Crocheting can be used as a centerpiece, by entirely crocheting particularly bikini tops,but is also now used as a mean of detailing when dealing with simple pieces by again, the use of paneling.

Black Is The New Black

Ready to kick it back and look sophisticated, but also look trendy at the beach this year? Black pieces are always the best way to ensure you will remain classic and sexy, but also up-to-the-minute.

black bathing suit styles 2016

When diving into an outrageous swimsuit trend such as paneling, low cut backs, or off the shoulder pieces, purchasing a piece in black is the simplest way to stay in touch with your collected side and centre in an ensemble.

black bathing suits 2016

Leather… Leather… And More Leather!

Debuted in this year’s Versace collection that showcases a daring take on “sporty chic,” leather has been in the back pocket of some of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed designers.

leather bathing suits 2016 styles

A subtle swimsuite that has yet to diverge into some of the more risqué trends debuted on this list, can be amped up with the sub trend of leather. By incorporating leather into your swimwear collection, you will be serving a chic dominatrix with a hint of flirty and fun.

She Asked Me How To Spell “Orange”

I think it is safe to say that almost all of us were surprised when we saw Mac Cosmetics incorporating the color orange in their selective and surprisingly small collection of brand new liquid lipsticks.

orange 2016 bathing suit

Examining the excessive amount of orange used in this year’s fashion world, it is safe to say why they selected it. Orange has been one of the most trendy colors of 2016, and has been debuted in a variety of forms, ranging from pale peaches to dark cross mixes of orange and red. By purchasing an orange swimsuit, you will achieve a beach look that is fun, flirty, feminine and bold all at once.


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