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Choosing The Best Step Counter Wristband For A Healthy Body – We Review The Top 3

Count your steps to a healthy beach body using the best step counter wristbands!

Health is on the minds of all of us, especially those of us who hang out at the beach. Living a happy and healthy life is a great goal to have, and this is very evident at all the world’s beaches today. Of course, there’s a little something that goes along with being happy and healthy, and that’s having a body that’s in shape.

Young people have always enjoyed a day at the beach but today, thousands of seniors are getting into the act and everyone wants to look and feel their best, no matter what age you are. Beach goers walk the golden sands for health very early in the morning, to beat the heat. The simple exercise of walking, makes the rest of the day so much easier and enjoyable for all.

Walk To Reverse The Aging Process

According to Dr. Mercola and Dr. Oz, if you walk for about 25 minutes each day, you will trigger an anti-aging process in your body and repair old DNA. Wow! This sounds simple, and there are no equipment costs, except for maybe a good pair of walking shoes, and maybe a simple pedometer to help to count your steps.

There are also no fitness centre fees, but the weather might try and stop you, but not really. If you want to get involved in a more complicated program, you could do weight training 3 times a weeks, learn more about HIIT (high intensity interval training), and read the labels on all food products. A famous French physician in 1826, Anthem Brillat-Savarin, wrote … “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweety)

Let’s not worry about all that and keep things simple. Try and walk 10,000 steps every day. Most sedentary people who don’t do any exercises, walk around 1000 to 3000 steps daily. To add years to your life, scientific research has suggested you need to fit in 10,000 steps per day.

You could count that out roughly and that would be fine, but why not get yourself a pedometer to help you get motivated. Back in the 1960’s in Japan, the pedometer was known as a “manpo-kei” which translates into a 10,000 step counter.

Today, you can purchase a wristband step counter aka pedometer, from around $2 to $500. That’s a pretty big price range, but some of them are super no frills, and others are sophisticated and do a great many things.

Check out this Perman Calories & Step Counter, which retails for very little – about $2 over on Amazon – and comes in a wide swath of colors.

Perman Durable Digital Calorie Counter

No disrespect to Perman or anyone who uses them, but we think investing a little bit more than a few dollars in your pedometer wristband can go a long way. Not only do high quality pedometers count your steps, but they monitor things like your sleep patterns, calories burned, and your heart rate.

They even remind you when you’re watching too much tv, or you’ve sat for hours telling your life story to the world on FB. It’s time to move! The three main competitors in the world of step counters are Garmin Vivofit, Fitbit, and Polar. Each is an expert in the field of pedometers, and this is why we wanted to talk about a few of their best products.

Now here are three step counter wrist bands that are blowing people away with how well they do the job of getting people into shape! Check out our 3 short reviews…

Polar 360

Polar 360 Fitness Tracker

Polar 360 fitness tracker is for those who have reached the goal of 10,000 steps and want more. It will track most of your daily activities including your steps, calories, workouts and even your sleep.

It includes the popular heart rate monitor, and you will think that this company has thought of everything, because it has an excellent battery life; it is waterproof; and it is comfortable with swappable bands. The reviewers love it even though it costs a little more than the others. While it’s keeping track of your sleep patterns, it sometimes gets a little sleepy.

Feature Pick

Polar A360 Fitness Tracker With Wrist Heart Rate Monitor (Black, Medium)

Buy On Amazon

Fitbit OneFitbit One Fitness Tracker

This company and this particular “step counter” tracker is rated in the top 3. It can wirelessly sync to laptops and phones very easily. It is a total health track monitor. There isn’t much it doesn’t keep track of for you. Yes, it is waterproof and it plugs into your USB to recharge, which by the way, lasts for about 2 weeks. The Fitbit people want you to live longer. They encourage you to be active, sleep well, and eat smart.

They have done all the research for you, and they want to deliver it in the simplest, most accommodating way they can. It tracks your steps, the distance you move, the calories you burn, and the steps that you climb.

For those of you who have sleep issues, once you snuggle into bed, the “One” will monitor your patterns and it has a personal built in alarm, so you won’t be late for work or an appointment. It is a seamless social way to bring back the health that you once had. Get ready for the friendly competitions and become a fitness blogger. Are you ready? Fitbit One is waiting for you.

Feature Pick

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Burgundy

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Garmin Vivofit

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker

The black Garmin Vivofit fitness band might be the one for you. Thousands of reviewers love this tracker and it comes down to the details. Garmin uses tiny, very common 1632’s watch batteries to keep the device charged for around a year. That eliminates the charging every 2 weeks by having to plug the tracker into a USB port and waiting.

Even though the display isn’t lit, the light is adequate and always the same. It is similar to the light on a Kindle computer. The images are crisp and clear, and there is no button to push. It is always lit.

The Vivofit is the winner when it comes to the Heart Rate Monitor. This tracker pairs with the HR monitor very nicely so you can keep track of your heart during a vigorous workout. This is becoming very common with people today who care about their health enough to exercise consistently.

You will love the very secure clasp that they have manufactured. The other companies need to upgrade this feature to keep up with the Vivofit. Finally, if you’re into websites, the Fitbit site is more comprehensive than Garmin’s. However, Garmin’s site will do the trick and if you care, the Garmin site will automatically sync to the Fitbit site using Garmin Connect software.

Feature Pick

Which wristband step counter do we love the best? It has to be the Garmin Vivofit!


  • waterproof – track your steps in the pool
  • outstanding battery life – one year replace batteries
  • very accurate – less errors
  • very comfortable – great clasp
  • very motivating – assigns you daily goals
  • heart rate monitor connection – Fitbit doesn’t/ Polar does
  • light weight low profile – you might forget you have it on
  • very easy connection – no problems with computer or phone
  • around $55

We recommend that you purchase a pedometer. attach it to your body, and get walking. Medical authorities agree that walking 10000 steps every day will definitely keep you alive longer. Even though the Japanese were only trying to sell the step counter pedometer, they should be given credit for inventing a great motivational device still used today.

The 15th Earl of Derby, Edward Stanley, once said, “Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness”.

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