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Manitee Kisses And Tigershark Dreams – You’ve Found The Best Snorkeling Spots In North America

To some, a case of Bud Light and a jet ski is all you need in the summer time, but we say nay, friends, NAY!  Snorkeling is peaceful, contemplative, exploratory, adventurous, and more.  It is..we must say, the best way to spend time in the water.  And…snorkeling is super cheap, only requiring basic swimming skills.  It is very similar to scuba diving…. just doesn’t require a $600 course to learn the ropes.  The amazing underwater views that you get to gaze upon, are beyond amazing.  Some may say it’s a form of relaxation or mental therapy. 


This article is a great opportunity to share with you my views and opinions on the best snorkeling locations to discover right here in  North America.

Anse De Pitons, Saint Lucia

The best location to snorkel in this lovely Caribbean location is Anse De Pitons, located just around the base of the Pitons.  Being at the base of these two beautiful mountains offsets a dramatic shape that brings amazement to all who look upon it.  The underwater viewing sections are beyond belief at this location.  Those who love to snorkel will probably return time and again to Saint Lucia, due to the vast array of aquatic sea life who call it home.  As well, there are lovely corals and fish to see! 

Jack’s Bay & Isaac’s Bay, Saint Croix

Saint Croix’s Jack’s Bay and Isaac’s Bay are both hard to reach, and remote snorkeling destinations, but don’t let that deter you.  They are so worth the extra mile it takes to get to them.  You simply must go for it! These beautiful locations are pristine, and part of the Marine East End Park.  Isaac’s Bay is known for its barrier reef, which is a sight you must see!  I think this is how snorkeling should be.  The bays are super silent and free of uptight, bustling tourist groups, who might kill the vibe.

Great Abaco, Bahamas

Love reef snorkeling?  Look no further than the Bahamas.  There is a reef right off the shore line of Great Abaco.  It is under the protection of the Bahamas National Trust, but who says we can’t have a little fun?  Not us, because we follow the rules, and so should YOU.

Yes, there are rules, and all snorkelers must abide by the posted rules; no standing on top of the reef, no taking items from the water, no anchoring on the reef, and no fishing.  They provide mooring buoys for those who want to snorkel from their boat, but the boats must be 25 feet or less in size in order to use them.  Talk about popular, people love this spot, not just because it’s the Bahamas, but because this location has such great snorkeling.  It’s located right off of the Marsh Harbor just about a mile southeast of the main entrance.  Appropriate foot attire is advised as the beach here is very rocky.

Captain Cook Monument, Hawaii

Stop what you’re doing!  One of the best places to go snorkeling is Hawaii at Captain Cook Monument.  These are the best of the best waters to snorkel in, super clear to see all the coral and fish in the sea, located on the north shore of Kealakekua Bay.  This snorkeling location can’t be reached by vehicle, so you have to get there by boat, hiking (good ole two feet of yours) or kayaking.  You can snorkel to the right and left of the obelisk.  Visibility is a great benefit here, allowing you to see up to 100 feet in some locations!  Tons of fish…. parrotfish, bullet head fish and even triggerfish!  Keep your wits about you, you don’t want to miss all the fish!!

Crystal River,  Florida

Of course when many folks think of Florida, they think of the beach.  It’s only natural.  But this prime snorkeling spot is far from the beach and all the Spring Breakers.  This river located in north central Florida provides the clearest inland water you have ever seen, hence the name Crystal River.  Plus, it is the only location in the country where you can swim with the West Indian manatee, which is an endangered species.  If you’re lucky enough, you may catch a quick nuzzle from one.

La Jolla, California

Don’t forget your wetsuit!  To snorkel in this amazing beach close to San Diego you sure will need it.  It’s worth it to get yourself a close – up pic of the yellowtail, garibaldi and leopard sharks. Once you get out of the hidden cove, dry off on the most amazing scenic beach in southern CA!

Dade County, Florida

Not only is it the “made in Dade” tattoo city, but what county do you know that has two national parks in America?  This county is home to Biscayne and the Everglades, which is not only amazing, but part of the Florida Keys reef, so now you can snorkel over awesome shipwrecks, even spy on the occasional dolphin, and view living reefs!

Laguna Beach, California

Ever seen the show Laguna Beach?  Don’t get us started.  In between mansions and surfer’s paradise (New Port Beach), who wouldn’t love this location?  Once it was home to the world’s greatest mobile home park. Now, it is perhaps the best diving site in southern CA.  Are you one of the tankless?  A simple snorkel through this massive underwater park, around Reef Point or Pelican Point, provides a great glimpse of dolphins, garibaldi and much much more.

Ok, now that we’ve shared this list of the best snorkeling locations in North America with you, don’t leave just yet…because WE ARE COMING WITH YOU!!! 

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