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8 Of The Best Naturist Beaches In The World

I think we have all gone skinny dipping when we were young, and perhaps we visited a nude beach or two.  

But, maybe as we have aged,  we have become more self conscious about our bodies, and lost some of that natural inclination to strip down to our bare essentials.  

Well, it is time to shed the clothes and become more free, and head out on a naturist holiday excursion.  

There are great naturist beaches all over the world for you to take advantage of so, “Take it off…Take it all off!” 

Be prepared to get that all over tan.  Since you don’t have to pack a bathing suit, there is now room for that important sunscreen.

Here is a list of 8 of the world’s best naturist beaches!  

If you want to hit them all, we hope you have saved up some frequent flier miles, because it will require a hop across the pond one way or another.

#1 – Leucate Plage, France

Leucate plage france

Located about 35 clicks north-east of Perpignan, Leucat Plage (Beach) is situated on the Mediterranean coast of France, close by Étang de Leucate. 

Where it is located, the seas are fairly gentle (no huge pounding surf), so it’s a great place to take it easy.  

Since it’s close to the Pyrenees, you will get a nice breeze passing through in the summer months. 

This is a recognized nude beach, about one kilometer in length, with sand that is fine and golden. 

Close by, you will encounter both Club Oasis, and Aphrodite Village, which are both relatively new resorts of the naturist variety (bare bums ahoy!), and down the beach the other way you will find the slightly more established Ulysse Nature which can provide you with a place to camp. 


Bare bum perfection

But no dogs allowed

Golden sand stretching one kilometer

Scanning for naked bodies

Children and skinny dippers alike

Frolic in the warm Mediterranean

Until the sun rests…

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#2 – Haulover State Park in Miami Beach

Haulover State Park

When the sun comes out, Miami’s Haulover Beach attracts thousands of beach-goers who come down to the beach, clothing or no clothing. 

This clothing-optional beach has been mentioned again and again as one of the best nude beaches in the world, as you’ll discover if you’re searching for the best nude / clothing-optional beaches around.  

On a busy day, up to 7000 pairs of bare bum-cheeks will hit the beach, although some do prefer to wear bathing suits.

Don’t get us wrong here – not ALL of Haulover Beach Park is about going naked – just about 75% of visitors go in the buff.  

As such, being without garments is a welcome sight here, and you will definitely feel at home if this is to your liking. 

The location of Haulover Nude Beach is snuggly positioned between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intercostal Waterway.


Step off Miami’s doorstep

Into Haulover State Park

Umbrellas and cold refreshments

Await your nakedness

As year round sunshine

Caresses your golden tan

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#3 – Vera Playa, Spain

vera playa

If something in the naturist vein that is completely unique is on your agenda, consider visiting Vera Playa, which you’ll find in south-eastern Spain on the Costa Almeria. 

The climate there is akin to a desert, and here at Vera Playa we have Europe’s one and only 365-days-a-year naturist resort. 

This is a complete naturist “zone” if you will, which means not only will you find a great all-naturist beach which is 2 kilometers in length.

There is a whole community here, with in excess of two thousand apartments (privately owned), as well as the whole kit and caboodle – shops, bars, restaurants, and even a 4-star hotel! 

What makes Vera Playa so unique is that this is not a privately run area. 

It is indeed connected to the “normal” world, and no one entity owns the seaside promenade or the public streets.


Park your bottom

In the hottest driest place

In the country

Choose sides for bare

Beach volleyball

Speak only Spanish

On Vera Playa

Spike for Spain

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#4 – Little Banana Beach, Skiathos, Greece

Little Banana Beach Greece

If beautiful islands off of the coast of Greece sound like your cup of tea, then maybe you should investigate a place called Little Banana Beach, which is located on the island of Skiathos, which is part of the Sporades archipelago. 

Reputed to be one of, if not the only island-bound naturist beach, Little Banana Beach is definitely a place where your cares can be left behind when you visit it. 

Perhaps you will find this amusing.  To reach Little Banana, you will no doubt run into Big Banana beach, and then make your way “around the rocks and up and over the hill” to Little Banana, where the naturists hang out. 

Once you reach this beach, you might be able to see why so many people call it their favorite little vacation spot, with such a perfect collusion of sky, sea, and weather. 

There are often plenty of older folks there strutting their stuff, so if you’re hesitant, worry not – be free!  Grab a beer at the local taverna and get into the naturist groove.

Ode To Little Banana Beach

Perfect sand

Perfect water

Perfect bar

Perfect people

All naked!

Little Banana Beach


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#5 – Valalta, Croatia

Valalta Croatia

Croatia has many hidden places that may remind you a bit of what true paradise might look like, and Valalta, the lovely naturist family campsite by the sea, is no exception. 

This 3-star campsite is located about 7 clicks from the middle of Roving, and situated by the entrance of the Lim Channel, a nature reserve which is 12 kilometers long.

Up to 7000 guests can comfortably occupy the campsite, which is, we might add, just for naturist family campers only. 

The shoreline of Valalta is about 5 kilometers in length, and made up of  small pebble beaches, although you can find a sandy section, which is great for kids to play on.

Because it is a high-grade campsite, you’d expect there to be high-quality facilities there, and indeed it’s true!  

Valalta has its own marina, its own brewery, a beautiful seawater swimming pool, as well as naturists-only day trips.

What is there to do in Valalta, you ask?  The list is a lengthy one – volleyball and soccer tournaments, courts, swimming, biking, boating, mini golf, and even bocce are very popular activities there. 

You will even find there are workshops just for kids which many adults appreciate. 

The restaurants there serve up genuine Istrian cuisine, not to mention international dishes as well.  We have a feeling you will love it there, if you have any naturist inclinations. 

Ode To Valalta


5 miles

Sand, rock, olives

Truly naked de-stresser


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#6 – Maspalomas in Gran Canaria


If naturists could be said to have a “mecca”, it might well be Maspalomas Beach, located in Gran Canaria, which is one of the famous Canary Islands off the coast of northwest Africa. 

Thousands of beach-goers flock to this particular beach on a daily basis to simply be nude and take in the sunshine. 

With a width of two kilometers and a length of six kilometers, Maspalomas is blessed with golden sand, and many dunes where you’ll find people here, there, and everywhere. 

If you’re shy, you can hide behind a dune until you’re ready to strut your stuff.

At each end of the beach, there are areas to go topless, but not fully nude.  The middle area is where the true naturists lounge, right in front of the large dunes. 

There are signs which indicate where this area is, but you will probably know the nudist area when you come across it.

There are a number of beach bars where many nudists gather to have a cool drink in the hot sun. 

There is also an LGBT area on Maspalomas, and you will know it by the easy-to-spot rainbow flag.

Ode To Maspalomas

Hide in the dunes

If you must

Or strut your stuff


6 km of beautiful beach



Canary Islands

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#7 – Euronat, France

euronat france

Euronat is a campground at Montalivet Beach in the Aquitaine region of France where the slogan is “Live naked”.  

The beach is gorgeous and goes on forever.  This naturist camp site gets top marks for everything, and you will have access to the amenities including pools, shopping, and all of the activities for you and your family.  

This is an all inclusive naturist resort community where the people are very friendly, and there are plenty of things here to see and do for all ages.  

The sand is golden and clean, and there is even supervision of the two beaches, 7 days a week.

The water is wonderful for taking a dip with family and friends, or you can simply lay out under your umbrella.  Don’t forget your bikes and kites.  

Once you visit Euronat, you will no doubt want to return!

Ode To Euronat

Live the way nature intended

Free to be

Body beautiful

Relaxing moments 

With family

A real community

Safe and sound

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#8 – Kelly’s Beach, Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick

kelly's beach

Naturism is found all over the world, and Canada is not excluded from this worldwide phenomenon by any means.

There is a beach known as Kelly’s Beach in New Brunswick – specifically, in Kouchibouguac National Park.  This beach, which is long and sandy, has been a popular naturist destination for years.  

Away from Kelly’s Beach, you will sadly need to return to the practice of wearing clothes, but then you can check out the surrounding area beyond the beach, where there are lots of activities to do, such as hiking/biking trails, and fascinating nature-filled bogs. 

Ode To Kelly’s Beach

East coast

North of Moncton International Airport 50 min.

Long, sandy

Warmest waters north of the Carolinas

The further you walk from the lifeguard station

The less clothes you need

Camping, canoeing, kayaking, birding

Hiking + Biking


Stay a week Stay a while

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