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Best Dirt Bike Trails In Florida

When it comes to dirt biking, there’s basically two types of motocross racing – natural trails, and parks which have been specifically designed to maximize motocross excitement.

Around the country (and the world), there are all sorts of awesome dirt biking experiences you can have, but many tracks and trails are particularly dependant on good weather.  

Not so much in Florida.  Here, most trails are open year round for your dirt biking enjoyment!


Different dirt bike trails offer different challenges, and other things that dirt bikers, young and old, will love.  

Some have better scenery.  Some have nicer hills, better jumps, or longer and wider straight-aways.  

There are competitions, but also non-competitive environments.  

What’s nice about Florida, is that it is the perfect U.S. state to offer up practically any type of dirt biking you might want – indoor, outdoor, trails, parks, whatever!

Miami Motocross Park

One popular dirt biking destination in Florida is none other than the family-owned and operated Miami Motocross Park.  

This is perhaps the premiere dirt biking park in the state, and is definitely a place to check out if you’re in the state, either as a tourist or resident of Florida.  

Trails are well-maintained, and you can check their website for any updates in terms of news and specific hours to visit.  

If you live in Florida, in or around Miami, no doubt you’ve heard of this place.  

Check out some of the action below.

As you probably know, if you have a kid who’s into dirt biking, for some kids, dirt biking in their DNA.  

Yep, the bug bites early for motocross, and particularly in Florida, where there are tons of great trails for kids and adults, from all walks of life.

Just like any other sport, dirt bike racing can be enjoyed as competitor, or even as a spectator.  

Children of all involvement and levels, tend to benefit from it somehow… especially boys.  

They are naturally drawn to the entertainment, excitement and thrills of the sport.  

Motocross can be a dangerous sport, but it’s non-violent, when compared to other sports.  

At the core, motocross is just biking, only faster and more thrilling.  It doesn’t even have to be a race, making it non-competitive, if you so choose.  

That said, it can get pretty gnarly!  It simply depends which way you want to go with it.


Mesa Motocross

Another suggestion for dirt biking in Florida, especially for younger riders who want to get dirt biking chops in a great environment, is Mesa Motocross, located in Fellsmere, which is actually the sister site to Miami Motocross.  

This is a site that the Borrego family acquired shortly after their Miami site.  

Because of  the irresistible terrain, Mesa was soon open for business as well, with an emphasis on safety, and an all-ages motocross adventure!  

Here’s a video showing some of their trails below.

Ride Safe

Safety,at your best motocross and dirt bike tracks in Florida and anywhere else, should be #1 always.  

There are a number of safety precautions to take, including your own protective equipment (kids should always wear the safest and most secure dirt biking helmets), but you also need to be mindful of the trail itself.  

Be very wary of blind spots when coming to any section of a trail that you can’t see very far ahead, because you never know what’s around that corner or over that hill.  


It’s best to slow down prior to making a turn.  You never know who, or what you may be approaching on the other side.  

This rule also works for small hills and gradients, that you can’t see down the other side of.

Imagine two riders going full throttle and approaching the same exact hill from different sides.  

It’s unlikely to happen on a course, but it could happen on an outdoor trail very easily.

Motocross of Marion County

One place to check out if you’re in the Florida area is Motocross of Marion County, located in Citra, FL.  

It includes all of the amenities you’d want to have at your favorite dirt biking facility, including grandstands, shady areas with large oak trees, great food (hot, cold, snacks, desserts), nice rest rooms, and of course, the tracks themselves, which even includes a vintage track featuring sand mixed with clay.  

Awesome spot, and well worth a visit!  Have a look at one biker ripping around the track.

Obey The Law In Florida And Everywhere Else

For Florida dirt bike enthusiasts, riding within public areas, including forests, riders MUST have a bike license issued by the state of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Visitors from out- of- state, riding on Florida public lands MUST carry proof of vehicle ownership, and identification.  

In addition to all of this, riders under the age of sixteen must complete a state approved off-highway vehicle safety course, before riding on public lands.  

Talk about rules, yeesh…but still, if you want to be able to ride anywhere and everywhere, it’s worth it to jump through the legal hoops.


Withlacoochee State Forest – Croom Trails

This outdoor trail offers riders a dedicated off-road vehicle area for everyone to enjoy.  

The Croom area, located on the Croom tract is approximately 2,600 acres, open to all dirt bike riders for both overnight camping use and day use,Thursday through Sunday.  

Of course, we can’t escape all the rules… all riders MUST wear a helmet, and only ride during daylight hours.  

Sucks?  I know…. That’s not all, permits must be secured before riding in the area.  Don’t have one?  

No worries… you can purchase one at the motorcycle area gatehouse.

Ocala National Forest

This forest is home to – I am not kidding – 125 MILES of off road trails!  Talk about a hoedown!  

That’s enough land to have a motocross race or even better… invite uncle Earl and the whole nine-yard crew!


Even better, this national forest is made up of a system, but not just any system…… low and behold their intersecting trails, which includes a 14-mile motorcycle loop, reserved for motorcycle and dirt bike riders.  

Sad to say to all you rebels, that all dirt bike riders must hold a valid permit in order to ride the forest grounds.  

You can even spend the night here, right in the forest camp grounds.  This place is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the Florida area.

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