Best Beaches for Parasailing in Goa



If you’re choosing your holiday destinations depending on how good the beaches are for parasailing, this is the perfect post for you.

In this post, you will find the best beaches for parasailing around the world, including the famous best beach for parasailing in Goa.

If you’re into more than just floating down the sky safely, you’ll find the top destinations you could visit the next summer!

The best thing about parasailing is you don’t need to worry about the steering, yet you get to fully enjoy the parasailing experience and the view from above.

Here are the top 7 beaches for parasailing in Goa.


When you’re around, you’ll definitely have to find some of the best beaches for parasailing in Goa. Candolim is just one of many of them.

Parasailing in Candolim is a one-time opportunity you shouldn’t miss when you’re visiting. You will get the chance to sightsee the Candolim and Goan coastline. There’s plenty of parasailing providers and they usually use a 300 feet rope which is attached to the speedboat.

You can also parasail from Candolim to Fort Aguada as well if you get the right parasailing opportunity.

Here’s great video by Bhupendra Gurung.


Calangute is a bit remote part of Goa but it’s very well connected with the main roads and it’s easy to get there.

The best time to go parasailing in Calangute is usually between October and April. Skies can’t get any more clear and winds always blow at the perfect speed. However, if you happen to be in Calangute any other time of the year, you would still be able to parasail.

Just like Candolim, you can parasail from Calangute to Fort Aguada, enjoy the wind in your ears, and just have a clear and breathtaking view on the part of Goa’s coast.

Check out this video by TouringTravellers.


If you’re in Baga, the best time for parasailing is after the monsoon has ended, the sky is clear, the wind is perfect, and the sea is placid.

You will be able to enjoy the parasailing experience in Goa from April to early September. If you’re visiting Goa early in the year, April isn’t too early for your first parasailing experience. The light breeze in Goa adds to the experience of feeling the Goan breeze on your face.

It’s easy to say that parasailing in Baga or anywhere near in Goa can be one of the best lifetime parasailing experience you’ll get.

In the season, Baga can be a bit overcrowded, but that just makes the better experience.

Watch this video by Amit Kumar.


Vagator is a beautiful beach on the coast of Goa which is full of water sports including parasailing. It’s a great beach for wholesome experience and not only parasailing experience.

This beach is very unique in its way mostly because of the rocks and the way it looks. It also has more water sports than any other beach in Goa.

You’ll get a chance to experience parasailing experience in the perfect weather along with the amazing sight of the beautiful and quiet beach and the rest of the Goa coast.

Here’s a cool video by TeleTechnology.


Anjuna Beach is one of the beaches where tourists are coming 12 months of the year. No matter what time you visit Anjuna Beach in Goa, you’ll be able to enjoy the parasailing.

If you are an avid parasailer, there’s no better place than Anjuna Beach to move and live the parasailing lifestyle of your dreams.

Parasailing is that big in Anjuna Beach that they even have special shacks for viewers so they are closer to the parasailers. That’s how cool Anjuna Beach is. It’s definitely a must visit location for any type of parasailer.

Watch this video by Supun Lakmina.

Dona Paula

If you’re looking to find the beach where everything is happening in Goa, yet have one of the best parasailing experiences in your life so far – Dona Paula beach is the right place to be.

The water is crystally clear, and it’s simply nice to look at it from the sky as you’re gliding through the air.

Other than the clear water, from the Dona Paula beach, you’ll be able to have a rewarding view and you could witness a lot of beautiful statues and nature.

Here’s a video that might interest you by Brainchild Creativity.


Colva beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa for the curry rice and shwarma. That’s something you should definitely try after your parasailing experience.

It’s also known as a party beach where a lot of entertainment is happening. From the above, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air, clear sky and water, and a lot of fisherman activities. Your parasailing experience will everything but not boring.

Therefore, this is a perfect beach for young parasailers who love good food and some fun along with the parasailing.


When you decide to go the most north you can in the Goa, you’ll end up in Bogmalo. Bogmalo beach is the best gateway to soak some sun, get the perfect tan, and yet enjoy parasailing that will offer a beautiful view of the coastline of Goa.

Bogmalo beach is close to the red cliffs which makes it a brilliant parasailing experience, and will definitely leave a thrilling memory in your mind.

There are also a lot of other water sports hosted on the beach so you can always try out some new stuff.

Here’s a video that shows you what it’s like there by Ahad Memon.


In case you’re wondering how come the best beaches happen to be exactly in Goa, there are a few reasons for that.

Goa has the perfect parasailing weather, and as you can see, they have also many beautiful beaches which is a perfect combination.

Goa’s citizens are even training the youngsters and kids the parasailing, and yet the government is keeping the prices and cost to the minimum which is perfect for tourists.

No wonder that Goa is visited throughout the whole year. And if you are doubting whether you should visit any of the beaches mentioned above, I’d say – just go for it!


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