Best Beach Workout Ideas



As we get closer to the summer months, our minds begin to linger on possible vacation destinations and adventures.  Perhaps the most classic trip that nearly everyone takes at some point, is a trip to the beach.  The allure of the sand, waves, and cool breeze gently caressing your skin amidst the background of laughter and exuberance is enough to compel anyone to visit. However, there is always the nagging anxiety in most of our minds during the winter, which is ‘I need to get more fit’.

It’s hard not to have this insatiable urge to improve your physique before visiting the beach, especially when bombarded with images of chiseled abs, flat stomachs, and toned muscles jutting out at you in every scene.  If you’re particularly far away from your fitness goals right now, you may feel a little discouraged, thinking that you won’t be able to enjoy the infinite pleasures of the ‘beach-life’ until you’ve trimmed off every pound, and toned every desired area.

However, you’re in luck, because we’ve devised a way where you can kill two birds-in-one with the ultimate beach workout, so that you can get toned,while still enjoying the ambience of the beach.  Although this is just one workout out of many that can be performed on this beach, and it certainly won’t check off all of your goals immediately, it’s a firm and respectable start. 

The Best Beach Workout Ideas To Get Your Body Into Shape…FAST! 


This old-fashioned workout does wonders for the body’s cardiovascular system and is sure to give your thighs, buttocks, and lower calves a great burn!  The beach itself provides really good foe-resistance training because it’s a lot more difficult to run on than asphalt, grass, or a treadmill.

If you have some towels that you can use as markers, set them out on the beach in a straight line approximately 50 feet from away from each other in succession from your starting point. To clarify, towel 1 should be 50 feet away from your starting point, towel 2 should be 100 feet from the starting point and 50 feet from towel 1, and towel 3 should be 150 feet from the starting point and 50 feet from towel 2 and so on.

Make sure you don’t forget to set a towel down to mark your ‘starting point’ as well.

For the purposes of clarity in explaining this exercise, assume that each marker (towel) represents a station ordered from 1 through 5, with 1 being the towel closest to you and 5 being the towel furthest.  In order to complete this exercise, you’re going to first sprint from your starting point to towel 1 and then back to your starting point.  After that, you’ll sprint out to towel 2 and then back to your starting point, and continue this process with each towel in succession until you have finished towel 5.  By this point, you should have a great burn going and maybe even a minor sweat.

Once you’ve finished this exercise, give yourself about a 120 second break to get a breather.

Here’s a great video demonstrating how to do suicides thanks to a Youtuber named Demi.

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Graveyard Swings

This unique exercise that we created is one that you won’t find elsewhere on any other guide. It’s extremely simple and sort of fun.  All you have to do is get a bucket of some sort, dig into the sand and try your best to fill up the bucket in one go and simply throw the bucket of sand over your shoulder, emptying it.

(Do this movement 20 times then take a rest for about 30 seconds)

Then, repeat this cycle 5 times in a row then take a 90 second break. Alternate shoulders each movement.

*This exercise is excellent for those wishing to work on their biceps, traps, lower back, thighs (lightly), triceps (lightly), and core.

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Crab Walks

Since this is a beach workout, it’s only fitting that one of the workouts be a crab walk!   Crab walks are great because they involve the use of your entire body, and they burn calories like no other.  In addition, the uneven surface of sand makes it even more difficult for you to travel because your limbs will sink into it a little bit, causing you to use your stabilizing muscles.

For those unfamiliar with this exercise, in order to perform a crab walk, you place both hands on the ground while your feet are still planted down, making sure the knees don’t touch, and you essentially ‘walk’ from that point.

Set up a towel about 200 feet away from your designated starting point for this exercise.  One trip to your marker (towel) and back will be considered one lap.  For this exercise, try to complete 10 consecutive laps, taking just a 10 second break in between.

When you finish all 10 laps, give yourself 60 seconds to catch your breath.

Here’s 3V with a great demo of how to do the crab walk to get that ripped core!

So now that we’ve done crab walks, how about some…

Backwards Crab Walks

Same exact thing as a crab walk, except this time your belly will be facing the sky.  Basically, you’ll be doing the exact same thing that you did for #3 on our list here.  Once finished, give yourself 180 seconds to rest.  Drink some water if you have any!  But not too much.

Here’s Tony Cress demonstrating…

And finally, the last move in our regimen of champions…

I’m a Star!

This exercise is an old military favorite called the, ‘I’m a Star!’  Good news is that you don’t have to travel any distance for this exercise.  Basically, you start from an upright standing position and then you jump on the ground into a pushup position.  Ideally, you want to do this all in one fluid motion.  After you’ve entered the pushup position, you’re going to get back up to your feet as quickly as possible, and then jump as high as you can and scream ‘I’m A Star!’ – Well, you don’t have to necessarily do that last part, but you get the gist.

i'm a star fitness move

The exercise is great because it works out your full body, just like the last two on our list, and is sure to burn numerous calories.

For this exercise, we’re going to try to bang out 5 sets of these, with 10 reps in each set.  Take a 30 second break between each set.

Here’s a video of how to do this move by XHit Daily, which is sometimes referred to as a burpee.

Once you’ve finished those, you’ve completed our very first beach workout,  Congratulations! These workouts are not easy by any means, but successful completion shows perseverance, determination and hard work.  At the end of this workout, we’ll guarantee that you’ll have given your body a beating (in a good way!), sweated out a lot of inactivity, and burned numerous calories.

If you’ve completed this workout, please leave us some feedback, so we can get your opinion!    


About the author: Emilia is the fashion guru of Beach Baby, with a deep appreciation for anything that can be worn or adorned. She makes her own apparel as well, including everything from swimwear, to dresses, and even shoes.  She also owns over 100 pairs of sunglasses!  Emilia also loves to surf, boogie board, and partake in a number of water sports.