BeachBody FAQ – 14 Common Questions Answered With Coach Kayla Roberts

If you’ve ever been on a quest to go to the beach, toss off your towel, and be proud to show off your awesome beach body to every man, woman, and frisbee-catching dog in sight, you have probably heard of the company “BeachBody”

Or, if you are simply a fitness buff looking to be in the best shape of your life, the name “BeachBody” has probably come up once or twice.

beach body fitness regime…but who…or what…is BeachBody?

We’ll let Kayla Roberts, an official BeachBody Emerald coach-in-training, and stay-at-home mom from Las Vegas, take the floor for this one.

Kayla is making a special appearance on Beach Baby today to talk about this very topic, and field some questions from people who have been asking us,

“What is BeachBody all about?”

As Kayla puts it, “Beach Body, to me, is a direct marketing company that focuses on helping both men and women get healthier and more fit.  You are able to purchase a workout program online ( p90x, insanity, etc.), as well as other nutritional products, to help you achieve your goals.  You also get a free coach along with this if needed, to help keep you accountable, and motivated every step of the way that’s designed to blast fat, and get you into that bathing suit wearing mood”…

Cool…. well that just about wraps it up for today!  Oh…well it looks like we have a few more questions from readers, that we’d like to ask our aspiring BeachBody Coach while she’s here.

Hopefully Kayla doesn’t mind if we ask her a few frequently asked questions we’ve received regarding BeachBody and how it really works.  Kayla, do you mind?

“Nope.  Fire away!”

Ok, then, let’s do it!  But first, we should say that Kayla is answering these questions out of the goodness of her heart, and to the best of her knowledge, so some of these answers may not represent the facts according to the company.  Nor is she a licensed physician, so take her answers with a grain of salt.  She’s just an aspiring coach doing her best!  🙂

Q: “How do you become a certified beachbody coach?  Is it a long process?” – Danica, AZ

A: Becoming a BeachBody coach is not a long process at all!  It’s very simple. You just go to my link and click on coach, and fill out everything from there.

You can also go to and sign up that way as well.  Instead of having me as your coach, you will get an auto-signed one. He/she will be your main go-to coach, who will guide you with the steps and training to become one.

Here’s a video answering this question as well…

Q: “Two questions here.  I’ve been meaning to sign up with BeachBody, but I just wanted to ask about their shakes.  I want to know if BeachBody shakes are actually healthy?  I love shakes, and I can’t imagine a diet that doesn’t include a delicious shake.  Oh, and on a side note, are they gluten-free?” – Ed, FL

A: Shakeology shakes keep me energized and healthy.  I get all my nutrients and vitamins daily, as well as 70 superfoods.  It’s so yummy, you can’t NOT have it.  I am not one to take vitamins, and I don’t always eat my full servings of fruits and veggies a day. So Shakeology benefits your body in so many ways, but I should mention that NO, it is not gluten-free specifically.  It is made with some gluten-free ingredients, but it can also have minute quantities of known allergens, such as soy, milk, egg, fish, peanuts, wheat, etc.
beachbody shakeology is it healthy
Q: “Are BeachBody’s products safe?  As in, would you say that they are all natural, and have no known side-effects?” – Jim, MI

A: There haven’t been any major side effects from what I have seen with the products, but studies do show that long term use of soy protein isolate can cause a drastic drop in thyroid hormones and damage your immune system.
beach body products are they safeQ: “Are beach body coaches free?” – Madeleine, Liverpool, England

A: Yes, We are!  Everyone receives a free coach through Beach Body at no extra cost.  It is nice because you can choose to use your coach, or you can choose not to use your coach.  It is just something that comes when you purchase a program.

getting that beach body

Q: “How would you rate the quality of BeachBody’s workout programs?  Are they strenuous?  I do want a BeachBody, but I’m just wondering about the level of difficulty of the programs.” – Greg G., Toronto, Canada

A: These work out programs can be done by anyone.  You can research, and make your own individualized program.  All of the programs you purchase can be streamed online, or sent to you on dvd.  This is nice because you can go at your own pace, pause it, only do half the video…..whatever your body is up for!  Reach your goal at your own pace!  Beach Body programs also have modifications for all the moves as well, so if you cannot do a certain exercise, just do it the modified way.

Q: “Can beachbody ship to a P.O. box?” – Syd from Michigan

A: Yes, Beach Body can ship to a P.O. Box if needed.

Q: “What happens if I don’t like the coach I get?  Can I change my coach once I’m signed up?” – Ali, Pembrook

A: Yes you can!  Just email  They do encourage you to let your previous coach know though, as a courtesy.

Q: “Can you burn BeachBody DVDs?” – Twyla Mae, NY NY

A: Yes, you can… just like any other DVD, although I doubt they encourage that since it is technically stealing. Obviously, you will not get your free t-shirt for finishing the program, nor will you get your assigned free coach.

Q: “When did BeachBody start?” – Gareth, Del Mar, California

A: Beach Body was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon in Santa Monica, CA.

Q: “How much money do BeachBody coaches make?” – Tess, Arlington TX

A: This question varies because it is all up to you and how hard you work as a coach that determines your pay.  You do make 25% of each sale being coach.  Basically you make money off your sales.

Q: “Do beachbody products really work?  Come on, tell the truth!” – Dexter, WA

A: Yes, I have seen it first hand with my husband.  He lost over 80 pounds doing the P90x program.  It’s all about sticking to the program and schedule, as well as eating healthy, and portioning your food.  I have been doing P90x2 for over a month now, and I already notice a change in my body.  It is more toned and tighter.  So yes these products/programs work!

Q: “Does ‘BeachBody Energize’ have caffeine?” – Kim, Salt Lake City

A: Yes, but only a small amount, which comes from the green tea in the product. (100mg)

Q: “I’m from Taipei, and I want to try BeachBody.  I need to know – does BeachBody ship overseas?” – Anna

A: Yes, you will be charged a shipping and handling fee to do so.  Beach Body ships to USA, along with its territories Puerto Rico, as well as verified APO and FPO military addresses for US service members. BeachBody no longer ships to Canada, due to the fact that Canada has their own BeachBody Canada company.

Q: “Is there a special way to take your before pics? I’ve heard that BeachBody has their own way of doing this…” – Don W., Athens, GA
how to take beachbody before and after picturesA: Yes, Here are some tips Beach Body recommends to follow:

  1. Chose a simple and plain background. (white door or wall)
  2. Take multiple photos (front, back, and sides)
  3. Snap 12 photos every 30 days. (hands down at sides, hands on hips, flexing your arms, turn around and do the same 3 poses that way too)
  4. Make sure to take photos with a high-quality camera. If you’re taking them on a phone, make sure that it’s a large photo. (300 Kilobytes)
  5. Your photo needs to be clear and not blurry.
  6. Lastly, Do not wear any skimpy outfits (underwear, bra, etc.) Swimsuits are ok as well 🙂

Thanks to everybody who wrote in, and also to Kayla Roberts for fielding these BeachBody questions!  We hope this clears a few things up for you!  Bye for now…

About the author: Alice is always smiling, even when jet lagged!  For a long time, she lived in a small town working at a beach shop, but she eventually spread her wings and got to see the world, but she always feels a strong connection to the place she considers her home.