The Best, Nicest, and Most Beautiful Beaches In Costa Rica

With its thick jungles, volcanoes, tiny towns, and endless beaches, Costa Rica has a truly remarkable landscape. Home to some of the most lush and colourful jungles in the world, Costa Rica is perhaps most famously known for its pristine beaches located on both coastlines. Straddling both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the […]

How Do Triglycerides Affect The Body?

What Are Triglycerides? Triglycerides are a type of fat or lipid found in your blood.  A triglyceride contains a glycerol unit and 3 fatty acid chains.  Where Do They Come From & What Do They Do? Your body uses triglycerides for energy that you can use to do…well, anything you want!   One place they come from is your […]

Thermogenesis and Weight Loss

Every motion throughout the day, as well as every function of your organs requires energy.  This includes the body’s digestive system.  The use of energy creates “heat” in your body, which is called thermogenesis.  It’s what creates your basal metabolic rate for how much energy you use when you’re entirely at rest.  In fact, the […]

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