Auntie Maureen’s Quick Guide to Swimming on your Period

You may have noticed that when you get in the shower or go swimming, your period has stopped.

Psyche. Surprise to you my friend, because sadly, it has not stopped. The water in the shower creates the illusion that it has stopped because of its constant flow downwards.

While in a swimming pool, lake, or ocean, your period is essentially being held back because of the water’s counter pressure.

However, when you stand up to get out, the pressure is gone and your flow will start up again with a vengeance.

Here are some questions and answers, tips, and tricks that can help you with your period swimming dilemmas.

Table of contents:

  • [ps2id url=’#1′ offset=” class=”]Do periods stop in the water?[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#2′ offset=” class=”]Can my period blood get in the water?[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#3′ offset=” class=”]Are there benefits to swimming on your period?[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#4′ offset=” class=”]Can you wear a menstrual cup while swimming?[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#5′ offset=” class=”]Can you go swimming on your period with a pad?[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#6′ offset=” class=”]How to start a conversation about your period when swimming with friends[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#7′ offset=” class=”]Will sharks be attracted to your period?[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#8′ offset=” class=”]Do periods smell?[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#9′ offset=” class=”]Why is it called a period?[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#10′ offset=” class=”]What is the etymology of the word “period”?[/ps2id]
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Alright, let’s dive in!

Do periods stop in the water?

As mentioned, your period hasn’t stopped but rather has been held back. Don’t be fooled and think you can swim with your period and get away with no one noticing.

Blood smells and it will become —dare I say it — a bloody mess.

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Ok, next pertinent question is…

Can my period blood get in the water?

When you go swimming or enter the water you do have gravity on your side and you could get away with being in the water while on your period.

However, the heavier the period, the riskier it will be for possible visibility. You won’t amount to a blood trail like that of a horror film, but you might see a smudge of blood floating around.

If you sneeze, laugh, or cough — depending on when in your cycle you are — you could bleed into the water slightly.

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However, with all this said, you could go into the water with your period and get away with it, since the bit of blood that could escape would be diluted into the water.

Are there benefits to swimming on your period?

If you are second guessing swimming while on your period, don’t.

Swimming is actually beneficial to do while on your period. It helps with cramping or any discomfort that comes with the usual abdominal pain symptom.

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I’ll bet you were kinda wondering about this next one…

Can you wear a menstrual cup while swimming?

It is actually recommended to use menstrual cups while swimming to stop the blood from ever making any kind of appearance in your swimming endeavours.

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In addition to a menstrual cup, tampons are equal in effectiveness. Both of these options will help stop any stress and save you any embarrassment.

Can you go swimming on your period with a pad?

Again, you could really do anything you want while on your period and swimming, however if you do choose to use a pad while swimming, it might be something you will regret.

The pad’s purpose is to absorb as much blood as possible without the contents over flowing onto your pants. The moment you submerge with the pad it will absorb all of the water.

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Once you leave the water you will have a fully loaded pad, doing it’s job, but making it difficult for you to walk away feeling confident.

How to start a conversation about your period when swimming with friends

If you just got on your period and aren’t comfortable with tampons quiet yet, you can always excuse yourself from swimming if swimming without anything makes you uncomfortable.

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You can say you are feeling unwell, but still sit on the edge of the pool if you want to socialize and be a part of the swimming event.

Will sharks be attracted to your period?

This is a myth. It has been researched that women on their period are not more likely to be attacked by sharks then men. Shocker!

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Sharks will not smell your period and come to get you right away. But if you are feeling skeptical, maybe skip the beach for the day for your peace of mind.

**Bonus Period Questions

Do periods smell?

Periods do smell and in its duration can have a mild to harsh metallic smell depending on when on your cycle you are on.

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The great thing is that living in this day in age, pads and showering regularly helps defuse the smell.

Why is it called a period?

This term refers to a segment in time, so it is only appropriate that the days menstruation happens is referred to as a period of time that also happens periodically.

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There are certain points that make up a cycle and the period is what concludes it and starts up a new cycle.

What is the etymology of the word “period”?

Here’s something that could impress your friends. Maybe. At least, this might impress you.

The word “period” comes from a Middle French word in the fifteenth century periode, also from Medieval Latin in the fourteenth century periodus, and referred to as a cycle and something that comes around again by Greek origin as periodos.

All of these mentions of the word period refer to it as an interval of time or something that extends over a cycle or a course of time.

Know any good period jokes?

Jokes about menstrual cycles are not funny. Period.

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