ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent Review



Smart innovation and a detailed eye has proven successful with the Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent from ARB. ARB provides us with the ultimate experience with new materials and an overall dedication to multiple improvements and reliable customer service, that have truly made this tent a one of a kind purchase.

Before deciding on your next traveling venture, it is highly recommended to include the option of bringing this tent along, thus ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Feature Pick

Arb (Arb3201 Series Iii Sand Rooftop Tent


  • The ARB Rooftop Tent is supplied with high quality materials that make the tent durable and resistant to severe weather conditions.
  • This tent is made from Poly/Cotton fabric. This makes the fabric durable and less prone to tearing and wear. Some of the benefits of this fabric are that it is breathable and comfortable, unlike some other industrial based fabrics.
  • Supplied with water shedding ability, this ARB series tent is made to last for many years. Users will not find themselves needing repairs or replacements due to the high-quality materials.
  • An aluminum retractable ladder is essential in getting access to the rooftop tent, but it also supports the tent. It can be positioned on the side of the vehicle, and supported by the ladder. This allows the option of adding an annex. Another option is to position the tent directly on top of the vehicle, and position the ladder in the back. This does not provide support for the tent itself, but does provide access to the tent.

Watch this comprehensive video review of the ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent to get a better look.

More Features…

  • High density foam mattress for comfort and durability. Sleeping in a cozy environment will bring relaxing and renewing comfort to every user.
  • A pull out veranda increases internal space and supplies the tent with secure tension in adjusting the tent.
  • An optional zip on annex is available for purchase for the rooftop tent as well. This is an especially interesting addition. This will supply the tent with a separate room for a washroom, additional sleeping quarters, and possible dining options. Adapting from traveling in a small group to a large group will be a breeze with the option of this annex. It can be as easy as zipping the walls to the tent.
  • Screened windows and door supply users with a less closed off experience. While traveling, it is important to stay connected to your surrounding and in most cases, that is hard to do when placed in a closed off area.
  • The ARB rooftop tent is equipped with an upgraded PVC cover. This makes it extremely strong, able to resist tears, and waterproof. Whether a traveler is experiencing rain, snow, or extremely hot weather, the tent can stay as durable and strong as the first day it was purchased.
  • Compatible with ARB purpose designed roof rack.

Size / Dimensions

  • 94.50″ long x 55″ wide x 51″ tall

Types of Accessories and Equipment

Not only does ARB provide a quality sleeping experience with their extremely detailed rooftop tent, but they have also made accessories to make your next traveling experience completely personalized. The ARB Series III can upgrade for ultimate comfort, showing that ARB truly thought of every possible detail for their customers.

  • Mounting hardware is supplied in the ARB Simpson Rooftop Tent purchase. The tools will ensure the purchaser that it is equipped with everything required to safely and effectively set up the tent. This item has a number of different possibilities to set up, and it is important to follow every recommended step in the manual to ensure maximum safety.
  • The travel cover that is included is made of UV resistant PVC. The straps that position the cover reduce the chances of damage, and prevent wear and tear during travel. In order to sustain harsh and persistent weather, this material is the absolutely best high quality, fabric.
  • ARB Touring Awning is available in three sizes: 50″, 79″, and 99″. Includes mosquito net.

Anything else?

  • An aluminum retractable ladder not only provides access to the tent itself, but also helps keep the tent stable. You can position the tent directly on top of the vehicle, and then store the ladder in the back against the vehicle. The second option is to position the tent on the side of the vehicle, and then stabilize it with the ladder. This allows the additional annex and mosquito screening for another separate bedroom or dwelling.
  • Optional annex brings extra room and privacy to each user. Whether an individual has traveled alone, or with several people, extra storage and privacy is available with the attached annex. An individual is able to simply zip the walls below the tent at its edges. It is also supplied with a mosquito net that can ‘zip attach’ in place of the walls as well. So if travelers or guests want to enjoy sights and nature, it is easy to stay protected from bugs and animals.

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