ARB 4×4 Off Roading Accessories – Rough And Rugged

The rough and rugged ARB 4×4 company produces parts and materials for vehicles and their accessories.  

Directed mainly towards traveling vehicles, they supply options for upgrading the average vehicle to an all-purpose one.  

The high-quality research, and materials, that come from this company, produce the most reliable and outstanding options available to the public.


The Story Of ARB 4×4

Founder of ARB, Anthony Ronald Brown, brought newly designed materials, and changed the traveling conditions for the four-wheel-drive community.  

Anthony, referred to as Tony, came to the resolution of upgrading vehicle design, after spending most of his time in the rugged terrain of Australia.  

He concluded that to protect their vehicles from hazardous and destructive surroundings, he would study options to upgrade at a convenient low cost.  

After extensive research, and support from his family, he released his ideas and findings while working in a garage, after returning to Melbourne.  

The solution was an ingenious combination of thought out principles, and high quality, affordable materials.

Check out the trailer for the ARB 4×4 Youtube channel here.

Production & Distribution at ARB USA

  • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) facilities are a large part of ARB.  These programs offer precise and convenient controls to specific machines in the facility.  Some benefits of facilities include, a revolutionized process of equipment and machinery.
  • State of the art machinery and equipment provide the services that large profitable companies are made of.  ARB is among these high quality facilities.
  • Laser cutting, robot grinding, CNC bending are many of the available technological advances used at these establishments.
  • Powder coating, spray painting centers 
  • MIG, TIG, robot and spot welding facilities
  • Sold throughout the world by an extensive network of authorized distributors

These are just a few reasons ARB is able to make products like this – the OME suspension on a Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

ARB Development

As a quality endorsed company, top quality products and service are the most important focus at ARB.  

CAD computer systems and CAM Parametric Modelling systems supply the company with increased productivity, improved quality, and are used to modify and create required designs.  

Increased communications and documentation is another positive advantage of using the latest technology at ARB.  Finite element packages are included in the company’s structure.  

This technique is used to discover solutions to many technical problems that could arise at any time.  It can turn a large, unsolvable problem into several manageable problems.

Take a look at this picture below, which shows the inside of an ARB factory.  Impressive, to say the least!



ARB products are manufactured at the most successfully equipped centers available.  

Experience, and the promise to deliver the best designed materials to their customers, ARB truly provides a personalized experience for every customer, no matter what items are needed.  

Products are sold all across the world, through a specialized network of distributors.  

The specific conditions that products will be involved in, are thoroughly tested before distribution, and allow a tested and verified product that is sure to please.  

The ARB staff truly provides a one of a kind experience at all times.


What Products Does ARB Sell?

  • Air Lockers are available to provide solid and durable locking mechanisms without jeopardizing a vehicle’s highway performance.
  • Bull Bars/Bumpers supply vehicles with a guard, by placing a device on the front.  This protects the vehicle from any sudden collisions or accidents.
  • Compressors
  • ARB also supplies its customers with portable fridges that are specially designed to withstand the rough outdoors.  This is a major convenience when traveling, by supplying a low power consumption.  Ice is not even needed!
  • Lighting systems for a customer’s vehicle or truck is an extremely necessary item.   ARB self-test their lights in the actual areas that they are made to withstand.  This assures customers that ARB knows exactly what is needed, while providing them with high quality.
  • Roof racks allow any traveler extra storage, especially when carrying large and bulky items.  Designed specifically for the ARB mounting system, these roof racks are professionally sturdy and convenient.  Equipped with steel material, they are durable and provides maximum strength and protection to property.
  • Sliders and steps are important accessories for any vehicle, due to their many available conveniences.  Not only do they provide access to a customer’s truck, they protect it from hard terrain in the wilderness.
  • ARB has designed snorkels to reduce the problems of dusty environments.  They work by moving air intake points from dirty and dry points at the base of the vehicle, to a higher location.  This ensures that the vehicle receives cool, clean air despite the environment it is in.
  • Suspension systems are tested and manufactured at ARB for supreme practicality.  Each necessary part of these systems is made to fulfill the sole purpose of providing the ideal application.
  • Tire accessories such as the Speedy Seal Tire Puncture Repair Kit, and the EZ Tire Deflater are essential to every traveler.  When actively driving through rough terrain or high mountainous areas, it is highly advised to be fully prepared for whatever may occur.
  • Touring and camping gear, such as rooftop tents, outdoor shelter options, and other accessories provide convenient sleeping arrangements for any overnight adventure.

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