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American Apparel Is Closing Down and This is Not a Drill

American Apparel, without a doubt, has been one of the most iconic brands for the millennial generation. They have always been very eccentric in their advertising and have encouraged uniqueness. In fact, some of their campaigns and ads were so risky, that their website was banned for being ‘over sexual’ or ‘blatantly encouraging / suggesting inappropriate behaviour.’

In 2011, when Tumblr had first risen to the surface and was becoming more popular, the trend in photography was ‘soft grunge’ or ‘punk rock.’ At the time, online shopping had not fully blossomed yet, and most teenagers made their purchases in store. The two leading American based clothing stores that provided this clothing effectively were American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.

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American Apparel, also known as ‘AA’, was infamous for its basic, but alluring, line of clothing that always seemed to be on trend with whatever was in demand during that year.

The models of AA were also something that caught America’s attention – they were unpolished and realistic looking, with a hint of the girl next door. They were raw and were captured beautifully through the companies use of polaroid photographs.

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American Apparel Files For Bankruptcy

American Apparel has recently filed for bankruptcy, and is allegedly on ‘the auction block.’ Fans blame the downfall of the once prospering company on the recent uprise of online clothing stores, which sell a similar selection of clothing at a fraction of the price. These online stores range from ASOS, to Forever 21, to even Free People.

Many fans were devastated upon finding out that their beloved store was closing. Fans realized that A A was a USA based brand that was very fashion forward, and was one of the first major companies of our time that created clothing that matched the online trends.

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AA is making advances in closing down all branches of their franchise, seeing that over ten UK stores have already been shut down.

Due to the shutting down of so many American Apparel stores, a tremendous amount of retail workers, management and factory workers will be left without a job.

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If you check the American Apparel website, many items have been discontinued permanently, and the company appears to be selling all products until they are essentially gone. When an item says ‘out of stock’ on the website, AA really means that the item is gone forever.

However, this could be a great opportunity for those who already own AA clothing to redistribute it for a higher price on third party websites such as ASOS Marketplace. AA products will soon be extinct, and fans will be desperate to find and purchase classic pieces.

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