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All About Tanning Mitts

Self tanning shouldn’t need to be a hassle to accomplish; which is why the tanning mitt is such a life saver. It makes the whole process quick, easy, and leaving you feeling great about the results.

This article covers some of the basics of tanning mitts, plus dives deeper into the topic to answer some frequently asked questions that you may or may not have thought of.

Use this handy table of contents to navigate the article.

Table of Contents:

Let’s dive right in!

What are tanning mitts?

Apart from some small differences all tanning mitts are essentially the same, having one main purpose: to aid in the self-application of an even layer of fake tan on your body, without leaving smudges or blotches. 

Most self tanning mitts are practical, simple to use, and inexpensive. Which makes them your best friend when it comes to your tanning plans!

Here is a video review of a tanning mitt and its uses, I really liked the points made by davestanner youtube channel :

Now that we know what they are, let’s talk about how they serve us in the process of getting a great tan!

How do tanning mitts work?

You place the tanning mitt on one hand and begin by applying your chosen product of bronzer or tanner onto the fake mitt.

You could also choose to put the bronzer or tanner in small pumps across your body and then smudge it in nice even strokes with your tanning mitt.

A handy tip is to moisturize your skin on the day before you tan since the rough patches of dry skin can make the tan patchy. This is a neat little trick for making an even tan.

BondiSands video on their youtube channel provides a quick and easy tutorial for how to apply tanner using your tanning mitt.

They provide a great visual explanation with step by step tips that will give the confidence to start on your fake tanning process:

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic and look at some often-asked questions.

Should you shave before or after fake tanning?

It is recommended that you shave the day before, this will allow for the tanning product to take and spread easily as well as evenly.

Showering, shaving, and moisturizing the day before are key steps in preventing a patchy tan.

Are tanning mitts reusable?

Yes, tanning mitts are reusable and can last a very long time if you are prepared to take care of the mitt you have purchased.

Like any article of clothing, the mitt will need good upkeep so that you don’t have to go out and buy another.

First off, wash your mitt by hand. Machine washing it could warp it out of shape. Hanging it to dry and letting it drip dry naturally is recommended as it is not dryer safe; doing so could cause shrinking or tearing in the dryer.

Although it is preferable to wash by hand, you can also put it in the washing machine on a warm setting. Just make sure not to wash it with other clothes because the tanner or bronzer could spot your clothes.

In order for the tanning mitt to stay looking fresh, make sure to wash it after every use. All you need to use is delicate soaps and detergents to remove the tanning solution from the mitt as harsh cleaning tools could shorten its use.

Wring out your mitt before hanging it to dry is always a good idea, as a damp mitt can start to smell moldy.

Why does a tanning mitt go green?

The self-tanning products cause a natural reaction that is known to turn tanning mitts a greenish colour. Green is a base in many tanning solutions — this colour base makes it so you don’t look like a carrot.

So don’t freak it when you see green on your mitt, it’s not mold — at least that is if you haven’t been neglecting your mitt’s upkeep.

When is the best time to use a tanning mitt?

You can apply fake tan products any time of the day, however you might want to apply it early on so as not to smudge your bedsheets or wake up with possible blotches.

The tanning mitt is a very handy tool (pun intended). It will help you smooth out the product and prevent too much product on some parts of your skin and not enough on others.

But for the tan to work to it’s best potential, timing is everything. Just like the moisturizing, shaving, and showering, if the tanning product is rubbed on earlier, it gives it time to develop onto your skin without any potential blotching. So, morning beautiful!

However, the product you buy may come with specific instructions as to how long you should leave the fake tan on your body for before washing it off.

Where to buy tanning mitts

Most beauty stores sell mitts; there are different qualities and prices that can accommodate your budget. You can also look online, as there are many online stores that sell tanning mitts as well.

Here is a video made by the LovingTanOfficial channel who sells their products as well as provides a really handy tutorial on how to apply tan using the self tanning mitt:

Hope your self-tanning adventure proves to be a smooth ride with the help of the tanning mitt. Happy tanning!

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