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The Airhead Super Slice Towable is a three-person towable tube with a quick connect feature that makes it easy to get the tube ready for a day out on the lake.  

In spite of the photo showing 3 happy adult riders, it will fit three small children, or teens easily, but for 3 adults, it would be a bit of a stretch. 

It is 70 inches in diameter, so depending on how small or large the riders are, this may be enough room.  Again, this all depends on the sizes of the people using it.  Three people will fit, but it may be a tight squeeze, if they have large frames.

Three small-framed people would fit just fine, but I would not recommend three large-framed people trying to ride at once.  It would probably be very uncomfortable, to try to hold on in a comfortable position.  Nonetheless, the tube does its job.

High Quality Tubing Fun

The tube is very durable, and made of high quality materials.  It can withstand regular use over the course of several summers.  

Its PVC bladder is covered by a nylon casing which protects the bladder from puncture.  The handles are made of a comfortable neoprene material that protects bare hands from injury while tubing, especially at high speeds.

There is also an oversized knee area made of neoprene to protect the bare knees.  Many tubes don’t have this which causes “rug burn” on exposed skin, from rubbing against the nylon.  The neoprene helps to minimize the burns.

Here is a video showing the Super Slice in action.  Take a look!

Competitively Priced

This tube is much lower in price than some of the competition at $150.  The Airhead Super Slice Towable is the quality you would expect for the price, and holds up very well, but it does come with some slight drawbacks.  

I have noticed it will occasionally lose air without any explanation.  I have bought some extra plugs that seem to help with this issue. The zipper will also come unzipped at times while in use, causing the tube to get very heavy.

We have had to check it between rides, to make sure the zipper is staying securely shut.

As long as the zipper stays shut, they tube is very lightweight.  When deflated, it weighs about 7 pounds, and when fully inflated it is still only 19 pounds.  

Because it’s lightweight, it’s easy to transport wherever you may want to take it.  The shape of the Airhead Super Slice Towable is a little awkward, which does make it a little difficult to stow on a boat, but it is possible.

The quick attachment is great for tubing. It makes getting the tube onto the boat and into the water very quick and easy.  Without this quick connect attachment, it would take way too long to get the tube ready to go for the riders.  

This makes it super easy and much more convenient. The product also comes with the rope to connect to the boat.  You would only have to supply the boat and the water. Another convenient feature is the Boston Valve which is great for quick inflation.

airhead super slice towable inflatable review

You Can Get A Little Crazy With The Super Slice

The tube works well for any type of riding.  From very intense and high speed rides, to lazy coasting.  

The tube will still stay afloat, and make for a fun ride for the tubers.  It has a wedge-shaped design, which helps it to slice through the water, as the name would suggest.  

It does not dive under the water as some tubes will do at take-off.  It stays afloat, making for a safer and easier ride for the tubers.  This tube is completely flat on the riding surface.  

That being said, you will have to use all your strength to keep on the tube. There is nothing to hold you on.  

This may not be the best option for very young riders, but for the dare devil rider who enjoys purposely flying off the tube, this one is great.


Overall, this is a great tube for taking out on the water for regular use, especially for the price.  It has many features that make the experience better, such as the wedge design and the neoprene material for the hands and knees.  

It is user friendly, with the Boston Valve and the quick connect attachment feature.  It may not be the roomiest tube at 70 inches, but it has enough room to accommodate three children very comfortably.  

It has proven to be durable from summer to summer.  The nylon cover really helps to keep it safe from punctures.  It has a very functional design that works well for any type of tubing that may happen on the water.  

If you are looking for a durable, safe, easy to use tube, the Airhead Super Slice Towable will fit your needs.  It has a few kinks, but it does it’s job.

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Airhead Super Slice Towable Tube

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