Aeris A300 Wrist Computer Dive Watch Review


Have you ever seen masterful craftsmanship before, in the form of a dive watch?  Well then, this may be your first opportunity to do so.  

Behold, the Aeris A300 Persona Wrist Computer Dive Watch!  

This good looking watch comes with an array of features that are sure to please any individual in search of a high-quality computer dive watch!

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Aeris A300 Dive Computer

Aeris A300 Wrist Computer Review

Appearance-wise, this watch has a really cool design.  The entire watch is all-black, and the strap on the watch has a metal buckle.  What is unique about the design of the strap, is that one side of it appears to have ‘crinkles’ as if it has been folded up.  We think that this is a nice aesthetic touch, and we embrace the artistic vision behind its design.

The face of the watch is pretty unique as well.  There are two tear dropped shaped buttons which are clearly labeled.  There is also a button on the side of the watch as well, that is designed in a similar fashion.  The inside of the face of the watch is a half-circle in its display, but still plenty large enough for the necessary features to be visible.  The top of the watch contains the colors yellow, red, and green, which is really a very nice aesthetic touch and gives the watch a unique feel.


There are an infinite amount of features on this computer diving watch that we’ll attempt to cover in depth below:

One of the first features that is of particular note, is that this watch also duos as a compass and a GPS system, which is something that is entirely unique from anything else we’ve seen on the market thus far.

Remember when we mentioned the colors on the watch’s face?  Well they’re there for more than just show.  They actually provide critical data for users to view at just a glance, while they’re in the water.  This is not only useful, but a huge safety-enhancer as well.  We love this feature.

There is a dual algorithm on the watch, that allows the user to choose exactly which decompression algorithm they’d like to use.  The watch also comes with Pelagic DSAT based on DSAT data consisting primarily of No Deco, multilevel, and repetitive dives at sea level.  As if this weren’t enough, the dual algorithm actually provides the ability to choose a liberal or conservative algorithm for repetitive, recreational diving.

card aeris a 300 no deco diving

As we mentioned before, there is a 3-Axis Digital Compass installed on the device.  However, we may have forgotten to mention that this 3-Axis Digital Compass actually comes with Full Tilt compensation as well, so you won’t have to worry about the calibration of the watch being messed up.

You can customize your favorite dive mode with ease using this watch!  This not only saves time, but gives better assurance that you won’t have to worry about the settings on your computer dive watch.

Despite the complicated functionality of this watch, the user-interface is fairly intuitive for most users, which means that beginners are able to use it as well.

There is a countdown timer that is included in this device as well.  This is probably one of the best features on the watch, because it ensures that the diver will avoid staying under too long.  For expert and novice divers, this is always a concern when going out on various dives.  However, with this watch, the concern has been completely eliminated!

There are actually 4 different Nitrox mixes!  If you remember the discussion in our other articles on the best computer dive watches, most of the other models only contain about two different mixes.  With the option of 4 different Nitrox mixes, it’s almost guaranteed that divers will be able to pick the most optimal settings for their personal preferences.

Did we mention that this watch not only allows you to pre-set your dive preferences, it also has a list of some of the more common pre-sets that expert divers use as well?  This is extremely useful for the novice diver who gets their hands on this watch.  With the ability to use some of the preset dive settings from other expert divers, any novice can be assured that they are in ‘good hands’, so to speak.

Another huge benefit for novice owners is that there is actually a free online tutorial that shows all of the ins and outs of the watch.  This will ensure that all of the necessary information is ascertained by the purchaser.  This is probably one of most useful options that we’ve ever seen with a dive watch, because no one really wants to sit around spending hours reading a manual!

There is an optional quick disconnect hose.  This addition enables the individual to disconnect their hose at a moment’s notice.  This is a great feature because, without the optional disconnect, one would have to find a manual way to do so, which can be very cumbersome and actually risk damaging the device.

aeris a300

This computerized device watch actually comes with its own software, and the company offers free updates for owners as well!  So, you’ll never have to worry about going out swimming/diving with outdated software… a crucial addition.  Thus, if the company decides to launch any new innovations to this already loaded watch, you’ll be sure to enjoy those perks without having to go out and buy an entirely new dive watch!

The battery on the watch is replaceable.  Some computerized dive watches actually do not have a replaceable battery.  Usually this is a money grab, but it appears that Aeris doesn’t feel that they need the extra revenue, which is a win for you!


Overall, this is probably one of the best watches you can find on the market these days.  The features on it are almost too many to list and explain in depth in one article, and the aesthetic properties are phenomenal as well.  This is the ultimate watch that can suit both a professional diver or a novice.

If you’re looking for the closest thing to the ‘perfect’ computerized dive watch, then this may be the device for you! 

Watch this quick review video to get even more information about the Aeris A300 Wrist Watch Dive Computer.

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