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About Front Runner Outfitters – A Company Profile

Front Runner Outfitters

 “Travel. Dream. Design. Build. Test. Evolve. Repeat.”

The Beginning

Once upon a time, a group of friends from South Africa, sat around a campfire in Botswana Africa, and dreamed about starting a business, producing expedition-based equipment, that was the best in every way. 

Front Runner Begins

The majestic baobab tree and the mighty elephant were their inspirations. They had the engineering background, the manufacturing experience, and the off-road racing skills. 

Now they have the passion!  Their new equipment would be stronger and smarter than all the others.

With a new renaissance approach to business manufacturing, Front Runner was born. They thought innovatively from day one. 

They would use new materials, superior practices, and quality intelligent designs. Their products would be made to last a lifetime. 

Today, their products, such as the roof racks, water tanks, tents, awnings, drawer systems, and many other camping accessories, are in the hands of extreme athletes and novice campers, worldwide.

The Products

Front Runner leads the way in all off-road expedition products, from racks, load bars, camping equipment, storage, water systems, fuel storage, refrigeration, batteries, and more.

The racks, for example, are built completely in house.  They use high grade aluminium and 3CR12 stainless steel to ensure the longevity of the product.  They don’t cut any corners. 

They know that the consumers can tell quality when they see it, and that’s what they were going to give them. 

The construction process is heavy duty, with laser cut fabrication, precision bending, and high grade powder coating, which will create a solid piece of equipment. 

What better place to test their products than in Africa, where the harshest conditions on the planet challenge them.

The Feather-Lite Roof Top TentFeather-lite Roof Top Tent

The roof top tent is very unique.  The Feather-lite sleeps 2 very comfortably. 

Yes, it is situated on one of Front Runner’s very special tent racks on the roof of your vehicle.  You will be a hit in the park.  Be prepared to answer a few questions. 

It comes with a retractable ladder, which is light and easy to handle.  With the flick of your wrist, you will have an instant bedroom.  All you will need are your sleeping bags and pillows. 

No insects or bugs will get you during the night because of the screen doors and windows. The tent fabric is a 400D strong, mould resistant, water proof, PVC coated, heavy poly cotton.

The Slanted Water Tankt Runner Slanted Water Tank

This 50 liter (13.2 gal.) tank is designed to fit behind the slanted back seats.  It is very versatile and designed to work with a variety of vehicles. 

It is made from food grade polyethylene with plastic pipe fittings.  It is BPA free due to the color, which prevents much light from getting to the water and allowing algae to grow. 

Never fear … Front Runner has the hoses and taps.  The measurements are 15.2” tall x 39.5” wide x 7.5” deep.  For a little extra, you can even add a tyre valve for pressurizing the water in the tank. 

You might need a shower after a long day of adventure travel. If this tank will not fit in your vehicle, check out the WTAN004 27Lt water bladder, or the WTAN002 footwell tank.

The Commitment

Front Runner stands behind their products worldwide.  The consumer will find them super easy to communicate with and very accommodating.  The customer is always right with Front Runner. 

The crafts people and artists, who build the Front Runner products, are definitely dedicated to their work and the people who buy their products and services.  

Customers come first!  Front Runner hides nothing. They want to enrich their customers’ lives and make the world a better place, one product at a time. 

The products come with detailed photos, and comprehensive written descriptions that the customer can understand.

Customers can download the instructions before purchasing the products, if that’s what they wish to do.

If a product arrives and the customer isn’t completely satisfied, it can be returned easily, with no questions asked.

The Communication

  • Address

Front Runner Outfitters

29370 Roadside Dr.

Augural Hills, Ca., USA


  • Internet

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  • Webpage


•   Phone

1818253 1322

You can even sign up for their newsletter!

The Shipping

When you order a Front Runner product, it is shipped from their Agoura Hills, CA, warehouse.

If you order online before 12 noon Pacific Time, M-F, your orders will ship out the same day. Orders placed online Friday afternoon through Saturday, will ship the following Monday.  They take major holidays off just like their customers.

Their inventory is live, meaning that if you can buy it, they have it in stock.  They will even email you to let you know when your item is back in stock, if not available when you check.

Front Runner is super efficient.  When you purchase an item, you will immediately receive an email with the necessary info. to keep tabs on it.

FedX shipping is used by Front Runner and it is free.

Some orders are shipped using Freight like large items.

The Warranty

It is simple … For items purchased in the USA,

Front Runner will warranty items such as Slimline and Slimline II racks and mounting systems, for a lifetime, as long as you are the original owner.

Accessory items will come with a warranty of 2 years, as long as you are the original owner.

If you have a problem with something, the first thing to do is to give them a call.  These are very reasonable people, remember, and the customer is always right. 

They will probably tell you to send the item back to their address with the following information …


For Warranty Repairs please contact with:

•Your name

•Your email address

•Order Number

•Reason for warranty claim

•Product code and name of Item returned for repair or replacement.

(You are responsible for whatever happens to the item on its journey back to Front Runner.  Do your homework, and choose a reputable company to take the item back to this company.)

High on Life

Front Runner subscribed to this video since it sums up the Front Runner philosophy of living …

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