5 Of The Best Towables You’ll Ever Ride – Summer Toys Review



If you are going to a beach or a lake this summer, having a towable is going to make what might be an ordinary trip of you sitting on the beach getting a sunburn, to you skimming along the waves (and probably still getting a sunburn)!  

Towables combine the excitement of water skiing, with the pure fun of inflatables to come up with something that simply can be called one thing: FUN!

Here we have what we consider to be the Top 5 Best Inflatable Towables for your summer beach action, from epic brands like Sportsstuff, G-Force, and Diablo. 

But, before we move onto our reviews, we will discuss beach towables in more details. So, here is what we are going to cover today:

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  • [ps2id url=’#3′ offset=” class=”]Super Mable Towable by Sportsstuff[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#4′ offset=” class=”]G-Force By Airhead[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#5′ offset=” class=”]Diablo II 2 by Rave Sports[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#6′ offset=” class=”]SuperSlice by Airhead[/ps2id]
  • [ps2id url=’#7′ offset=” class=”]BandWagon by Sportsstuff[/ps2id]

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Without further ado, let’s get to it! So, what are beach towables all about and what makes them so fantastic? Stay with us to find out!

What is a beach towable?

A beach towable AKA tube is probably one of the most exciting water toys fit for all ages. People with none or a lot of behind the boat skills can simply hop and an experience an exciting ride.

Beach towables are specially designed tubes made for the purpose of fun and recreation. Beach towables are also known as „donuts“ or „biscuits“ because of their shape.

A towable is generally covered with several layers of synthetic fabric to prevent it from becoming elongated during towing. These layers of fabric usually have handles for the riders to hold on and an anchoring point for the tow line to be attached at.

Some types of towables come with a wooden panel inserted across the hole in the middle of the towable to prevent rocks and debris in the water popping up into the towable and injuring the riders.

Towing a towable requires a powered watercraft such a boat or jet ski.

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Next, we discuss what gear you need for your ride. We will also mention what not to bring with you…

What gear do I need?

If you are not planing on renting a beach towable through an outfitter, you will obviously need to bring your own.

The most commont type of beach towable is something with a mesh or rubber bottom, which makes them comfortable to ride and safe from any floating debris. You should look for a towable with handles or attached ropes you can hold onto during riding.

Water shoes

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The ocean floor can be rocky, so appropriate water shoes will help you avoid cutting up your feet when entering and exiting the water.

The right footwear will also keep your feet safe from any floating debris. Word of caution: Your favorite beach flip flops can’t do the job because they won’t stay on your feet during your ride.

Sun protection

You should always apply sunscreen before entering the water. Although a hat and a pair of sunglasses could be useful, bringing those could potentially be a bad idea as you might lose them in the water.

It goes without saying that anything you bring with you could potentially end up at the bottom of the ocean.

If you really wish to bring a hat with you, then instead of a wide-brimmed hat bring something snug-fitting like a baseball cap. Also, if you want to bring your favorite pair of sunglasses, make sure you secure them with a sunglasses strap.

Spare clothes (optional)

Make sure you packk towels and some spare clothes for when you finish your ride, especially if you plan on going to a beach bar or restaurant for a drink or some food afterwards.

If your skin burns easily, you may also consider wearing a sun protective shirt.

Portable air pump

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Having your own portable air pump is a must! You should go for a model that plugs into a car to quickly inflate your towable.

The last thing you want is somebody from your crew to pass out from blowing your beach towable manually.

Phone – a really bad idea

Bringing your phone with you is simply not worth the risk. Your phone is probably worth a lot, so losing in it the ocean is probably the last thing you want.

Of cource, we are not suggesting you don’t make memories and document your ride for social media. If your friends have a waterproof camera, bring that with you, or simply buy a couple of disposable waterproof cameras. This way you can record your adventure, upload the photos and videos and share it with all of your online friends.

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Next, we move to our reviews. We’ll start with Super Mable Towable by Sportsstuff…

Super Mable Towable by Sportsstuff

sportstuff super mable towable raft review

Quick Stats

  • Color:  multicolor
  • Dimensions:  10.9 x 20.1 x 22.8 inches
  • Weight:  20 pounds
  • Material Type:  Nylon Cover with Zipper and EVA Foam Pads
  • Shipping Weight:  39.72 pounds
  • Size:  Three person
  • Type:  Boating
  • Est. Price: $250+

Click to check for deals on Amazon

What We Like About It

  • Well reviewed
  • Inflation/deflation is quick
  • Front/back tow points
  • Heavy duty cover with zipper
  • Comfortable ride
  • Unique backrest
  • Knuckle guards on the grab handles
  • 1 year warranty
  • 3 sizes
  • Stable
  • Anchor to use as a sun or swim platform

More About The Super Mable Towable 

super mable sportssstuff

This new and improved Super Mable Towable by Sportsstuff is one exciting water ride!  You will think you are in an elite sports car surrounded by air cushioned side walls. 

Use the comfortable foam seating pads and backrest, and speed over the water enjoying the wild thrill, and then use the back tow point, and turn your towable into a chariot of fire…er water. 

Cross the finish line before all others with the help of the patented speed safety valve and aluminum quick connect tow point. 

Brag to your friends about the PVC bladder and double stitched full nylon cover with self bailing drain vents. 

If they’re super nice to you, take 2 of them for a spin.  There is plenty of room for 3 on board.

Click here to read our full review of the Sportsstuff Super Mable Towable

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Moving onto our next model – G Force by Airhead.

G-Force By Airhead

g-force airhead AHGF3 inflatable towable review


  • Color: Red

  • Dimensions: 7.75 x 19.5 x 16.5 inches and deflated size of 78”x 75”

  • Display Weight: 23.1 pounds

  • Weight: 22.4 pounds

  • Material: Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder with RF welded seams

  • Shipping Weight: 22.4 pounds

  • Size: 3 person

  • Type: Boating

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Model #: AHGF-3

  • Est. Price: $170+

Click to check for deals on Amazon

What We Like About It

• High quality material

• Durable

• 3 riders

• Neoprene knuckle guards and nylon handles

• Quick inflating/deflating

• Well reviewed

78 in. x 75 in. (deflated)


Hold on tight to the 6 deluxe nylon-wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards, while you defy the forces of nature.  The stabilizer fins provide a great grip.  

G-Force has a tough 30-gauge virgin PVC bladder, fully covered with an 840-denier double-stitched nylon cover.

It has a heavy-duty Kwik-Connect for easy and secure hook-ups. The safety valve will make the inflation /deflation process very quick and easy.  This towable is especially good for seniors.

Click to read our full review on the G-Force Airhead

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Onto the next one…

Diablo II 2 by Rave Sports

RAVE Sports 02318 Diablo II 2-Rider Towable review


  • Dimensions: 5.5” x 13” x 16”
  • Display Weight: 12 pounds
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Material: Pvc
  • Shipping Weight: 11.85 pounds
  • Size: Two person
  • Sport Type: Boating
  • Warranty: request by customer
  • Model #: 02318
  • Est. $ 88.00

Check for deals on Amazon

What We Like About It

  • 2 riders + 4 handles
  • 340 lbs. max. weight
  • Fast bottom fast ride
  • Quick connect tow point
  • Designed to stabilize riders

More About The Diablo 2

This towable seems perfect for the beginner.  It is large and comfortable.  I wouldn’t recommend traveling too quickly on it. 

Even though it seems sturdy, you might want to save this board for the non risk takers in your crowd. 

It also works well as a docking raft for sunning.

Read our full review of the Diablo II here

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Moving on…

SuperSlice by Airhead

airhead superslice inflatable towable


  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Dimensions: 7.9” x 14.8 “x 19.3”
  • Material: Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder with RF welded seams
  • Shipping Weight: 18.65 pounds
  • Size: Three person
  • Type: Boating
  • Model #: AHSSL-1
  • Est. $ 121.00

Click to check for great deals on Amazon

What We Like About It

  • High quality materials
  • Durable
  • Fun for all ages
  • Circular with 70” diameter
  • Neoprene body with knuckle guards and 6 handles
  • PVC bladder at 30 gauge
  • Quick connect with Boston valve
  • Very well reviewed

More About The Airhead Super Slice

airhead super slice towable inflatable review

The Super Slice towable is built to last!  It has an oversized top with a rugged well stitched cover. 

You will be pleased with the heavy duty quick connect, and Boston valve which eliminate your inflatable/deflatable worries.

It is very easy to board.  Hold on tight to the knuckle grips for the ride of a lifetime.

Read our full review of the Airhead Super Slice here

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Last but not least, BandWagon by Sportsstuff…

BandWagon by Sportsstuff

bandwagon by sportsstuff towable review

This 2 + 2 towable (4 person) at just under $400, gets the best reviews of the day.  Yes, it has the heavy gauged bladder and the nylon double stitched cover. 

Of course it comes with the patented safety valve for fast deflation and inflation. 

The tow system is reinforced, and the flat foam handles have double webbing.  No nose diving at startup for this baby.  

Be ready for all kinds of innovative seating arrangements. 

Click to check for deals on Amazon

Ask for the 53-1620 model.  It won many awards, and received many 5 star reviews!!!  Just in case you care, the dimensions are 118 in. x 70 in. inflated @ 17.7 pounds.

Click to read our full review of the Bandwagon by Sportsstuff

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About the author: Emilia is the fashion guru of Beach Baby, with a deep appreciation for anything that can be worn or adorned. She makes her own apparel as well, including everything from swimwear, to dresses, and even shoes.  She also owns over 100 pairs of sunglasses!  Emilia also loves to surf, boogie board, and partake in a number of water sports.