100 Fun Facts About Bucerias Mexico



Hey folks, my name is Bob.  Some people call me Beach Baby Bob. My wife and I have been visiting Bucerias, Mexico for the past 5 years, and here we are yet again, to enjoy the culture.

We are Canadian, and I guess you can call us Snowbirds, because we always come here, like clockwork, right when the winter in Canada is at its worst – around the month of February, leaving friends and family at home to shovel and shiver in the daily sub zero temperatures.

Yep, it sure is nice to get out of the cold, but not just any old place will do. We love Bucerias, which is why we keep coming back.  It’s safe.  The people are gracious, and there’s plenty of little adventures that await you.

Bucerias Mexico

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Bucerias, let me tell you, there is certainly lots to do. Today I decided to write a little list of 100 things I’ve noticed about this fascinating city.

Some are in the “things you can do” category, others, are in the “things I’ve noticed” category. Feel free to disagree, and leave a comment if you like!

I might elaborate on a few of these facts and hopefully you will find the information useful.

100 Fun Facts About Bucerias Mexico

1.  Everyone drinks Coke, including the babies.
2.  It feels like we are living in Canada in 1950.
3.  Dogs are welcome everywhere.
4.  Tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots taste like they did when we were little.
5.  You can ride in the back of a pickup truck.
6.  You can update your license sticker with a magic marker.
7.  Everyone is Catholic.

8.  Mexicans love family life.

9.  It is always sunny and warm.

10.  There are no bugs.

11.  Birds are everywhere, and they like to be heard.
12.  Horses are used like we use cars back home.

Bucerias Mexico horse
The owner tied his horse to a stone and went in the store to shop.

13.  Every day is garbage pickup.
14.  The avacados and mangoes are to die for.
15.  Beach vendors sell everything from pies, to dresses, to silver.
16.  Every day is different.
17.  Canadians are everywhere.
18.  Friends drop by at will.
19.  There are no phones.
20.  The church bells have a mind of their own.
21.  The roosters rule the roost.
22.  Everyone says hello … buenos dias!
23.  The ocean is warm, and has its own personality.
24.  Bougainvilleas, palms, hibiscus flowers are common.
25.  Everyone rides the bus.
26.  The bus drivers need to keep their eyes on the road.
27.  Cobblestone roads are hard on the wheels and the feet.
28.  You can attend a workshop on public speaking.

29.  It can be dusty and difficult to walk on the cobble streets.

30.  The rainy season is August and September.
31.  The temperature doesn’t vary much, but the humidity does.
32.  There are lots of coloured tiles and glass washing up on the beach.
33.  There are mountains.
34.  Tourism is the #1 money maker.
35.  The local people don’t buy the crap at the flea markets, just the tourists.
36.  The Spanish language looks and sounds like broken English.
37.  Nothing costs what the price tag says.  It is always much cheaper, and bartering is common.
38.  Art is everywhere.
39.  Music is everywhere.
40.  The police carry guns.
41.  Drugs in the drugstore are on every corner, and everything is cheap.
42.  Siestas are daily occurrences i.e. the taco stand across the street opens at 8 p.m.
43.  Children wear school uniforms, and they march in the morning.
44.  The kids eat a lot of candy.
45.  Deep frying food is common.
46.  There is no glass on the windows, only bars.
47.  Every house has a palapa.
48.  The sunsets are stunning.
49.  The women work harder than the men.
50.  You can actually see the stars at night.
51.  Taxis are popular.
52.  The people eat a lot of fish.
54.  Market day is every day somewhere.
55.  They sell cheese, but not many different kinds.
56.  They are just discovering the different types of bread.
57.  There is a hair styling shop on every street.  Watch out for the combs.
58.  TV programmes are tame, and American Idol is banned in Mexico.
59.  Whales come to have babies every December, and leave in March.
60.  You won’t see a jaguar (king of the land) because the gringos kill them.
61.  The air is cleaner.
62.  Lots of different smells i.e. food cooking and sewers stinking.
63.  Large iguanas live in parota trees and under sidewalks.
64.  They sell sweet potatoes from a cart on the street, but only on Saturdays.
65.  Fresh strawberries are wonderful.
66.  The gas man drives up and down the streets.
67.  You can eat on the street.
68.  You can live here without getting sick.
69.  Beware of tap water.
70.  If you call for help, be prepared to wait.
71.  Cement work is their specialty.
72.  You can park facing any way on the street, and the parking is free.
73.  Their cream of coconut is too tasty.
74.  The people are very attractive.
75.  The corner stores sell everything you need.
76.  Alcohol is sold in all the stores.
77.  Lots of people smoke.
78.  They drink pop out of glass bottles.
79.  The locals might call you a honeymooner.
80.  Saturday and Sunday are Mexican family days at the beach.
81.  Motorcycles are popular.
82.  Forget the shoes, go barefoot.
83.  Vacuums don’s exist.
84.  Loud speakers do.
85.  They can say the same thing many ways.
86.  Fishing is common on the beach.

87.  Coatimundis live in the scrub swamps, and aren’t afraid of people.
88.  It is more fun when the Canadian dollar is worth more.
89.  Puerto Vallarta has changed tremendously in 10 years.
90.  The tides change the beach every day, especially the spring tides.
91.  Clothing is cheap.
92.  Time is different i.e. afternoon ends at 8 p.m.
93.  There is no rush.
94.  Every day you meet someone new.
95.  One day your favourite restaurant is there, the next day it is gone.
96.  Marijuana is sold on the beach.
97.  Every day is a holiday or a special day… Easter is the biggest.
98.  Children go everywhere with their parents.
99.  Everyone owns a pitbull, a mastif or a chihuahua.
100.  The sidewalks are uneven.
101.  They help old people.

Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay is great for paddle boards, which you can rent on the beach in Bucerias.

paddle boarding banderas bay

You can get tattooed on the beach, and it should last about a month.

tattooing on Bucerias beach

Parasailing is exhilarating.  Watch how someone else does it, before you give it a try.  Maybe if you’re over 65, you should just watch others do it.

parasailing on Bucerias beach

Sand sculptures are done by professionals along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta.  Beach Baby Bob is trying to be creative on Bucerias Beach.  One person stopped to admire it.

sand sculptures

About the author: Robert is a former teacher and travel buff, and has spent the last 30 years travelling to different parts of the world including all over North America, South America, Africa, and Europe.  He loves trying new cultural cuisine, zip-lining through the Amazon jungle, and his cat, Twyla-Mae.