scarlet ibis
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Scarlet Ibis – Analysis and Facts

One of the most amazing shore / wading birds of South America is definitely the Scarlet Ibis. The scarlet ibis is a species of ibis in the bird family Threskiornithidae. It is really hard to miss because of its eye-catching, scarlet red color, and striking long black-colored bill. Here is a great introductory video anyone …

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Understanding Dyshidrotic Eczema aka Pompholyx

This article will talk about understanding what’s called “dyshidrotic eczema” aka pompholyx – the notoriously irritating, recurrent, and supposedly “incurable” skin condition that many of us suffer from. Well, the “funny” thing about dyshidrotic eczema is although many of us have dealt with it, many more of us have never even heard of it. So, if …

best dive knife
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We Review the Best Scuba Diving Knives for 2020

Hey guys!  Today we’re going to take a look at the best scuba dive knives for 2020, but first, we’ll briefly discuss a few definitions and provide some context before we jump into our full guide, followed by editor picks. Off the top, we feel it’s important to say that you don’t want to sacrifice …

review best snorkel fins
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We Review The Best Snorkeling Fins for Diving Fun

Snorkeling is a great sport that is enjoyed by water-lovers all over the world. However, exploring of the underwater world is way more fun when you don’t have to worry about poor-quality rental gear. Even the best swimmers can easily get tired on their snorkeling adventures if their gear is low quality. In order to …

what is a coatimundi

What is a Coati? (Your Guide to the Mexican Tejon “Raccoon”)

Hi, and welcome to our guide to coatimundis, also known as “tejon” in Spanish, also nicknamed “Mexican raccoons”. Yes, these critters are sure cute, but there’s more to them than just their long noses. Use this table of contents to navigate this article: Let’s dive in! What Does A Coatimundi (Tejon) Look Like? Until I …


Scuba Diving Gear 101 – A Guide for Beginners

Scuba diving is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world today. Millions of people go for scuba diving each year, whether for commercial reasons, a course, or an introductory dive. The sport provides an opportunity to explore part of life in the underwater world. It is also one of the sports that has a …


We Review the Best Full Face Scuba Mask with Communications of 2019

Using a full face scuba mask for recreational or commercial diving purposes can change your whole experience. As diving gear becomes more advanced and diving itself becomes a more common passion for people today, there’s a growing need to find the best full face scuba mask with communications. However, with the many varieties of face …

swimming the backstroke how to

How To Swim the Backstroke – Tips and Techniques

If you’re a swimmer, you know that it’s partly about enjoyment, partly about exercise, but also very much about water safety. Learning to perform a new stroke in the water isn’t just to increase your enjoyment of being in the water, but it’s going to make you a more effective swimmer overall. Nothing wrong with …


Barbuda – the Hidden Gem of the Caribbean

Barbuda is a small island nestled in the eastern Caribbean which, together with several other islands, forms the sovereign Commonwealth nation of Antigua and Barbuda. When I was younger, I’d always hear my doctor saying he was heading to Antigua year after year, but I’d never really heard of Barbuda. Would that I had researched …