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Best of Bucerias Mexico according to BeachBabyBob

If you live in Canada where the winter months, November to April, are mighty cold and mighty snowy, you might want to spent all of that time, or part of it at least, at the beach. Well that’s what happened to BeachBabyBob and his wife Sue.  They didn’t want to be too far from home …

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Best Beaches in the U.S.A. for Treasure Hunting

Are you a treasure hunter?  Do you love the beach?  Do you want to make a little extra cash? Well then, sifting through the sands and sometimes the waters at your favourite beaches in the United States of America, can be fun and very rewarding. Let’s see what these 5 U.S. beaches have to offer. …

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A Beginner’s Guide To Metal Detection

A metal detector is a device for locating metal objects by exploiting the physical phenomenon of magnetic induction. People often think of metal detectors as a tool for hunting for treasure. While that is one application for them, they have many more applications than that, many of them pre-dating the treasure hunting phenomenon they are …

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Metal Detector Reviews, Treasure Hunting

The Best Metal Detector Finds That Will Make You Eat Your Hat

Treasure hunting with a metal detector has come a long way in terms of public perception of this pastime. In the beginning, the general public considered it a fairly silly pursuit, practised mainly by nerds, dorks, and dweebs. After all, what are you going to find?  A tin can?  Ha! Ha! Ha! To learn a …