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Thermogenesis and Weight Loss

Every motion throughout the day, as well as every function of your organs requires energy.  This includes the body’s digestive system.  The use of energy creates “heat” in your body, which is called thermogenesis.  It’s what creates your basal metabolic rate for how much energy you use when you’re entirely at rest.  In fact, the […]

Best Beach Workout Ideas

February 25, 2017

As we get closer to the summer months, our minds begin to linger on possible vacation destinations and adventures.  Perhaps the most classic trip that nearly everyone takes at some point, is a trip to the beach.  The allure of the sand, waves, and cool breeze gently caressing your skin amidst the background of laughter […]

How To Get 6 Pack Abs For Beginners

January 30, 2017

The desire to achieve “6 pack abs” is so prominent in today’s society. Everyone wants to achieve that rock hard core, but how? How do you go about doing this? The secret is that every human being has abs. We all have abdominal muscles, they are just hidden under layers of fat that have to […]